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Need Your Help with Gem and Jewelry Curiosity for Podcasts!

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Gems & Jewelry are my thing - as a Graduate Gemologist, I share stories about jewelry designers and tips on how to shop for jewelry on a podcast. I started Jewelry Navigator Podcast as a way to educate shoppers on unique jewelry options, unusual gemstones, and what to consider when shopping for jewelry that will last. --------- So, after working in independent retail stores, I have a pretty good idea of what people need to know, but I want to hear from actual consumers:----- What are some of your concerns, desires, and frustrations when it comes to wearing, caring, and shopping for jewelry? We'll start here, and see where we go! Thanks! E-mail me at You can also listen to Jewelry Navigator Podcast on any of these audio platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Podbean.

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