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A Personal Style Based in Romantic Fashion

Learn from the old masters
Learn from the old masters

Updated February 01st, 2020

Many women have their own personal style when it comes to wearing romantic fashion. Typically, it means choosing clothing that accentuates their curves and emphasizes their femininity. In some cases, this means low necklines, crochet or lace embellishments on blouses, ruffles, A-line skirts, flowers, brooches, silk scarves and ornate jewelry. I have always had a touch of the romantic in my fashion personality, but with a flair of other styles. Some of my choices have been so mixed that it has been hard to classify me in any single category. I enjoy mixing it up because this is a true reflection of my personality.

My 1920s Vintage Flair Personal Style

I think if I had a fashion choice, I would happily choose to be planted in 1920s fashion. Many of my favorite feminine clothing choices are derived from this era. For example, I adore the cloche hat. I could own a few varieties of this headgear and be completely happy. I love the way the hat hugs my head and the short brim can be so versatile, covering the brow, tilted to the side, placed in the back, tied down with ribbon or a bow, or enhanced with a small amount of fur or a brooch. It gives you the chance to dress for your mood. You can step into a room exuding your personality style for the day.

The era also captures the best of what characterizes romantic fashion. Collars were often oversized and attached to the dress below the breast line, a design approach that emphasized a slightly suggestive neckline. Pearls, one of my favorites, were the jewelry favorite, and women often wore them long, almost to the waist, and tied in a knot at the breast. I love to add pearls to both formal and casual outfits. I think it is one of the most subtle, yet faithful, hat tips to romantic fashion. Pearls say that you are not afraid of your femininity, no matter what the occasion is for your dress.

Romantic is An Odd Fashion Personality for Jeans

 It may seem a little unusual that romantic fashion offers a range of jean choices because the style emphasizes frills, lace and ruffles. However, jeans are not immune from romantic flair. I love the jeans that have some type of whimsical design element, including those with braided waists instead of the usual belt loops and flat, plain waistband. It is a good reason to tuck in your shirt and be noticed. If the braided waist includes strands of gold thread or some other color, some onlookers will think this is a fancy belt.

Romantic jeans are often just tight enough to accentuate your curves, have a slightly flared let cut and are not afraid to have fancy pockets. Yes, this means the big pockets on the back that can come with limitless embroidery styles and colors, but it also means front or side pockets are not off limits. In some cases, the front pocket can be a flap that is for decoration only. My favorite pair has a faux pocket and three prominent pleats just under the flap. They suggest the pocket rather than being the pocket. It is romantic flirtation in a pair of jeans.

Romantic Fashion in the Home

The leaning toward the romantic personal style does not have to stop with the clothing that you wear. It also can define the decor style that you choose for the home. I have never liked the idea that everything in a room should be in the same style or fashion family, so I am very conscious about makes choices that honor that.

Chabby chic tables and thick, tall candle pillars in the living room are eye-catching. Dining room romantic decor has dramatic drapes, either fresh or faux flowers as a centerpiece on the table, and 24-7 place settings. The dinner table is always set, complete with chargers, napkins and wine and water glasses, as if a meal is always about to be served.

In the bedroom, I prefer texture over color. For example, soft white sheets and bedding covers that are in contrasting textures and promise the best experience for bare skin is a winner in my book. Toss in a fur rug at the bedside, a tufted bench with white spindle legs, and add curtains that have a raised surface design, and this is the perfect way to sleep. It all gives a feeling of being refreshed, peaceful and makes me feel safe and pampered all at the same time.

Most people do not realize it, but their fashion choices often carry over into their home decor tastes. A personal style is not merely limited to clothing. Fashion personality shows in all over your life, so why should the place you have chosen to call home be exempt from this?

Although I am not a fashion addict who makes it a habit to chase all of the latest trends, I tend to stick close to staying on trend with romantic fashion. We are never tired of the things we choose because we are attached to the stories that accompany all of our belongings. What is a romantic without a romantic story, right?

I enjoy the idea that things I have had with me since I was in my 20s have survived and travel with me a couple of decades later. My fashion becomes an archive filled with personal history. This makes me careful about what I purchase for my lifelong journey, and it means my personal style never goes out of fashion.


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