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Dandyism in the Modern Age

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Updated July 10th, 2020

John Cooper, my best friend, was always slick and well groomed. I have always considered him lucky despite him coming from a background of modest means where the bills were never settled and they relied on soup kitchen and occasional charity handouts for survival. His mother, a tailor and single mother, always made his shirts and trousers and she ensured that her son was the best dressed at all time. Yes, he was simply a dapper. I believe that the homemade clothes gave Copper a classical appearance that deviated from the "normal" thrift store-clad students and thus elevated him above the rest giving him a subdued dandy look. His exceptional nature of appearance ensured that he was always the preferred boy and has been a student leader nominated in his own right for as long as I can remember.

Cooper knew that he was outstanding and he endeavored to compensate for this with incredible discipline, diligence and determination which did not wane even in his adolescence years and neither did he abandon his dandy styling. He was simply a cut above the rest. Upon graduating from college, Cooper has continued his series of successful life and is now a Chief Operating Officer at a Mid-Level company and he lives in a peri-urban neighborhood of the great city of Cincinnati.

On the other hand, my life experience was marred by "misfortunes and misgivings". I later came to believe that the reason for this is because of my socially deviant grooming (I had open multiple tattoos and wore sagging trousers, oversized t-shirts, and college jackets) and uncouth attitude. My turning point occurred after graduating from the University with a degree in Economics and Statistics. I attended a number of interviews without success and upon seeking a Human resource officer's advice, she advised me to change my appearance from the college boy look to a professional one. Coincidentally, I bumped on Cooper at a mall and he had a demeanor of success which inspired me to go beyond the mature fashion look to a dandyism. Upon making the drastic changes, I realized that the preferential bias from the environment occur subconsciously in most cases as appearances make lasting impressions and speak louder than any words can.

Following through with my passion has, however, come with radical adjustments to my attitudes, perceptions, hobbies, and inclinations. For instance, I take care of my skin by moisturizing and exfoliating in addition to general body hygiene.

Being a Dandy

 Achieving an athletic body for slim fit garments I hit the gym on regular intervals to maintain a slim silhouette of an athletic man. This enables me to wear perfectly cut out trousers and overcoats. I used to be chubby prior to my self-realization a factor that completed me to stick with loose, baggy, wide and billowing clothes to hide my bodily outlook from many critics.
I am enthusiastic about Joe Black suits with overcoats as they embody modernism and dandyness in a modern context while being conservative in a liberal sense.

Color Selection and Patterns

I am not afraid of color. However, in the application of colors, I ensure that the I appear bold but not garish. In illustration, a Navy Blue suit of fine wool goes with a black pocket square and a tie of primary colors to create a visualization of a gentleman.

I always ensure that patterns are synchronized to create a consistent look. I have a special affinity to houndstooth patterns for suits as a step away from the traditional windowpane pattern, When wearing such suits, I consider complementary colors essential for making up a refined look that is simple but yet captivating.

Silk ties, pocket squares and lapel flowers are an essential component of blazers are they seek out an urban but yet classical look which is the whole concept of Dandyism.

I used to have trouble with matching ties to checkered shirts or all patterns: Do I use a dotted tie or a plain tie? The answer was always vague and sentimental until I figured out the whole concept of Dandyism which entails complementing patterns, for instance. Patterned ties strictly go with unpatterned shirts and vice versa regardless of the blazer and trouser patterns.

I consider the shirt critical in fashion attire and shirts determine the suits, trousers, blazers and overcoats that associate the mix.


When referring to accessories, I refer to, tie clips, cufflinks and watches. The most crucial factor for accessorizing is material. If a tie clip is silver, all the other materials have to be silver. The accessories have to be subtle if the dominant clothing color is secondary and catchy. An example of this is a suit is navy blue, silver accessories will complement each other and bring out a coordinated and well thought out look. Additionally, the use of dark colors calls for the use of shiny accessories.

I Am a Dapper

I understand that the 18th Century Dandies adorned frilled shirt, velvet jackets, and explicit cravats, I reiterate that being a dandy has to have a modern and present-day touch in order to synchronize my fashion style and in my environment. I don't go out of my budget in sourcing for top of the range materials but instead, push the envelope a little hire to inspire my tailor to create a specific style for me and acquire a fitting pair of brogues.
On the initial steps of my journey, I was a dandy, upon accomplishing my goals of mastering the art of fashion in a classical sense and incorporating confidence in my fashion, I became a dapper.

Subjectively, confidence breeds a dapper style and crowns the whole fabric of a gentleman. The society certainly misinterprets the idea of a dapper man whom it portrays as effeminate, sissy and the famous politically correct term metrosexual.


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