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I SPY Hints For Frank Ocean's New Line In His Music

Date of the official collaboration launch has not been released.
Catherine Durickas
August 16 2021
On August 6th, musician and tastemaker Frank Ocean broke his silence on what he’s been secretly working on during quarantine. Homer, an American “luxury” jewelry company, dropped its lookbook and a storefront address in NYC’s The Bowery and, as you can expect with Gens Y & Z flush with cash they’ve been waiting to spend for the past 16 months, the stuff is flying off the shelves. Unlike many luxury brands, prices range wildly, skyrocketing from more the “affordable” price point of $450 all the way up to the uh, side where the other half lives, hovering north of $1,000,000.

Selena Forrest wears a $1.9 million necklace by Homer on the cover of the brand's debut catalog. Photo: Frank Ocean
Teased in Homer’s lookbook are the real piece de resistance wrapped in a happy question mark, alluding to the jeweler’s top-secret collaboration with Prada, a heretofore unresolved mystery that until now has been solved due to our unrelenting discovery mission involving deep dives into Ocean’s substantial musical catalog. (Who would have thought – let’s face it, that’s why Prada is Prada and Frank Ocean is, well, Frank Ocean.)

Here’s how it’s all unfolding:  The highly anticipated collection appears to focus on heavy use of the hues that make the Caribbean – bold integrations of Orange, Pink, and White teased out from Ocean’s song “Pink + White” off his 2016 Blonde album as well as subtle references to his 2012 debut album “channel ORANGE.” 

Channel Orange Album Cover Wikipedia

Consistent with Ocean’s artistic eye for detail, we’re anticipating Ocean’s use of this exact shade of orange to line the runways, including further homages to the album cover’s famously large use of empty space.

The collection will be anchored by a plethora of crisp denim, as foretold in his early song “denim.” Ocean’s lyrics foretold of “a good pair of dark blues/handwashed by me… never let them drag, never let them tear.” We’ve rightly interpreted that Ocean’s handwashing each pair himself and we will feel that much closer to his dream come true when we slip them on.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the collaboration is Ocean’s menswear line, which is no small feat considering that menswear often takes the backseat throughout the fashion industry generally, regardless of all the work Tom Ford has done on his face and his clothing line. (We love both.) In Ocean’s critically acclaimed 2012 song “Super Rich Kids,” he asked the question,  “Do they sew wings on tailored suits?” Well, after a decade of not knowing, Ocean answers with a resounding yes and we are beside ourselves— a well-made suit with wings?! It feels like an “Angels in America” meets “Mad Men” kind of moment, insane visuals meets grounded masculinity. Clearly, he’s not content to just explode the music world with brilliance, even menswear isn’t safe from his brilliant imaginings. 

Here’s the best part that we saved for last:  In an unprecedented move in this most competitively charged industry run by designers who would make their Great Grandmother sign an NDA before seeing their upcoming collections, Chanel is in on the collab right alongside Prada. (Oy, what would Coco say about that – we know a Prada-Chanel partnership would never fly if Karl were still alive.) It’s pretty safe to surmise that the power of this first-time collab is more a testament to Ocean’s beloved, cross-cultural status as an artistic and spiritual icon than it is of the iconic fashion brands he’s brought together like the Capulets and the Montagues.

Did we mention there will be Nikes. Like, a ton of Nikes. In the end, we know Coco, Karl and Shakespeare would approve of this rare synergistic partnership, bridging oceans seamlessly in a manner that only Frank is uniquely positioned to do. 




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