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LA to UK Style Event Takes Flight 8/19

Join your favorite fashion influencers!
Join your favorite fashion influencers!

Updated August 11th, 2020

Who: LA and UK based Influencers and Fashionistas from all over. 

What: We're taking you to two global style destinations this summer. Style is so much more than what you wear, so jump in and explore all the fibers of style through the lens of LA and UK based tastemakers. Join your favorite influencers and brands to discover LA and UK Style on theTUNDRA. 

Our diverse influencer community will explore a wealth of topics. Ever wonder about the challenges of the fashion industry in the UK or how Hollywood films choose what to dress their actors in? We have a live breakout to explore these topics and more. Be sure to check out the live breakout section on the event page to check out all the different breakouts and their times. 

Where: TUNDRAVirtual  

When:  August 19th, 9am-5pm Pacific

Why: Los Angeles & the United Kingdom are historically fashion capitals of the world. Since the 1960s, pop culture, music, arts, and politics have manifested in fashion as defined by both the LA & the UK, creating & influencing the ever-changing world of the way we honor not only our forwarding-facing personal style but, more importantly, ourselves as a reflection of who we are.   2020 is a year like no other, which, like every other industry, means seismic shifts in fashion culture. 

Because true, authentic style is so much more than what you wear. Deep-dive with us to discover the fibers of style through the lens of some of the industry’s most renown LA and UK-based tastemakers and brands. 


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