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Self Expression Allows Your Inner Light to Shine Outward

Figuring out your inner self develops your style
Figuring out your inner self develops your style

Updated August 23rd, 2020

There are almost as many ways to express one's self as there are people on the planet. That's what makes self-expression so personal and meaningful. It's truly unique to the individual. It's up to them to determine how they want to present themselves to others.

Like you, I'm different. There is no other person on the planet that shares the exact same ideas, experiences, and dreams. Even though I take after my ancestors in appearance, there is no one that looks quite like I do in build, hair color, eye color, freckles, and scars. I am me, through and through.

How I Feel Internally Shapes My Interactions with the World

My internal experiences shape my external experiences. After all, to make an appearance in the world, you must have a certain level of self-confidence. How I feel about myself determines how I choose to express myself. It's what guides my personal style.

My experiences have shaped my feelings which in return have shaped my actions and my self-esteem. When I feel good about myself, self expression flows freely in my life. I'm a creative person and it shows in the way I dress, how I do my hair, the makeup I choose to wear, the places I choose to go, and the activities I choose to engage in.

How a Fashion Personality Exercises Self-Expression

Self expression is a driving force in many fashion personalities' lives. They live to express themselves through color, texture, prints, cuts, and accessories. I get a lot of inspiration from YouTube videos featuring fashion vloggers and blogs where I can get a sense of other people's style. It influences my own choices and makes me excited about the different ways I can express myself.

Through Handmade Clothing

Some people choose to create their own clothing from scratch as a form of self-expression. I admire their drive as I've always wanted to learn how to sew and design my own garments. Doing so would ensure that I could dress exactly how I want to without concern about whether my size or favorite color was sold out in the store. I could wear my favorite fabrics, colors, and patterns with greater ease because I would be the one picking them out, cutting out their pieces, and sewing them together.

Lydia Higginson took all the clothing that she owned and gave it away in 2016. She then started the process of making all her own clothing. After putting in 1,000 hours of labor, she created 60 garments that she wore throughout the duration of the year. Her hard work yielded 16 pairs of underwear, five bras, three corsets, eleven tops, six sweaters, two jackets, two coats, one gilet, four skirts, ten pairs of pants, three pairs of leggings, two playsuits, and one jumpsuit.

She was taught to sew by her mother and then spent two years working as an apprentice to a costumier in London. She was living with her sister when she decided to embark on her clothing-making journey. The fashion personality admitted that making the clothes was very expensive but also very gratifying.

Through High-Quality Clothing and a Minimalist Wardrobe

Others buy high-quality clothing that last years. They prefer quality over quantity and learn how to mix and match items effortlessly as their form of self expression. Blogger Elizabeth Withey wore the same dress 365 days out of the year. She learned that a simplified wardrobe was a way of dealing with excessive spending.

She noted in a Huffington Post article that she didn't feel guilty or ashamed to be wearing the same item several times in one month. She carefully chose a black frock that could be worn over and under different things. She didn't need to buy more clothing to be happy because changing her frame of mind about spending gave her all the joy that she needed.

Introducing the Fashion Personality-Inspired Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are big these days. In fact, there are many fashion personalities that write about their success with decluttering and downsizing their wardrobe. Project 333 was a fashion challenge created by blogger Courtney Carver who encouraged women to limit their wardrobe to 33 items that they loved. The challenge included clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and belts that could be mixed and matched to create many different looks.

People who live a minimalist lifestyle like those who live in tiny houses find creating a capsule wardrobe more of a necessity than a choice. They simply don't have room for more clothing and find other forms of self expression to engage in. They make the most out of what space they do have by being very selective about what apparel and accessories they keep. These women wear things out completely before deciding to buy more.

I Make the Most Out of the Clothing That I Own and Wear

Although I love fashion, I don't own a lot of clothing. I work from home, so I don't have a need for work clothes. The clothing that I do own is used when I go out and do things with my family. I find that the little black dress that I bought matches everything, looks good over pants, and can be dressed up or down depending on what activity I'm planning on doing. It's a wardrobe staple that I wear often.

I express myself through color. I went to art school and am drawn to bold patterns and prints. I've bought a lot of floral prints recently. A friend of mine passed away and she absolutely loved roses, so I feel close to her when I wear clothing that has flowers on it. I try not to buy everything I find that I like though because I don't have the closet space or the need to wear dressy clothes regularly.

Self expression is a fun topic to discuss and write about. That's why there are so many fashion personalities talking about ways they accentuate their inner and outer beauty through the clothing and accessories that they make, buy, and wear. Entire magazines are dedicated to unusual fashion styles. Competitions are held to see who can create the most unique and outrageous clothing designs.


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