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These Insane NFT Rocks Prove How Strong The NFT Market Is

The company EtherRocks recently started selling digital rocks as NFTs

Michael Dawson
August 17 2021
From memes to even a Banksy, pretty much anything nowadays can be an NFT. But let's take a moment to stretch the bounds of possibility here. Can a rock, a literal sediment composite plucked from the surface of our Earth, be an NFT? It sounds unbelievable, right?


Well, believe it. The company EtherRocks recently started selling digital rocks as NFTs, which have actually skyrocketed in popularity by quite a bit. There are a total of only 100 rocks and they come in multiple colors. NFT token holders, like other NFTs, get the only copy of that specific rock in existence. Different types of rocks sell for different amounts of money, with some having sold for 95.1 ether (the monetary equivalent of $300,000.)

A Blue EtherRock listed for sale. @LilMoonLambo 

The concept is largely a meme in the digital art world and a seemingly dumb one at that, but what makes it smart is how it proves the strength of NFTs as a future currency and market. The NFT trend has created a ton of both believers and unbelievers, and it’s easy to see why: not a lot of people trust that digital products could suddenly have monetary value and make people rich. But it’s true and making people a lot of money. These rocks are more valuable than gold (literally, take a look at gold stock) right now, despite being utterly ridiculous. The fact that a dumb meme could become worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is mind-boggling.

So what does this say about the potential of NFTs: A few things, mainly in that it signals the fact that creators have unlimited freedom in making whatever they want and that the subsequent creation has a chance to do well in the market. We’ve seen how NFTs help artists claim more ownership of their work, but this is proving that virtually anyone, non-artists included, can take advantage of the exact same concept and benefits. 

Having dumb memes become insanely lucrative make NFTs that much more accessible. A few people might be intimidated by the apparent seriousness of NFTs, but the market is actually not as stuffy and self-important as let on and can even be kind of funny too from time to time. The more memes for the market, the better, allowing more people who didn’t have interest before to jump in and push growth even further.

So don’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to the NFT marketplace. Dumb ideas today just might be groundbreaking tomorrow. And, who knows, maybe a dumb meme you create might be worth thousands of dollars one day. There’s no limit to what you can make.  



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