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Beyond Space Launches Monday, November 2nd @ 9:30am PST

Beyond Space Launches This Monday!
Beyond Space Launches This Monday!

Updated October 27th, 2020

Although recent years have brought various scientific breakthroughs, the greatest mysteries of the universe remain unsolved. As we identify more and more potentially habitable alien worlds, detect gravitational waves - ripples in space-time, humanity is still far from answering many eternal questions baffling astronomers and physicists worldwide.

Are we alone? Can we reach the stars? What is the universe? We may never find answers comprehensively explaining these key issues but true explorers will always keep on searching. theTUNDRA is all about enthusiasts exploring, broadening horizons, going off the beaten track, way beyond the known.

“Beyond Space” at theTUNDRA takes you on a journey to explore the unexplored, guided by scientific minds, leaders in the space industry, technology pioneers. Hop in for a ride starting from low-Earth orbit (LEO), through the solar system, into the interstellar space, reaching the boundaries of the observable universe.

Randa Milliron of Interorbital Systems will share the success story of sending satellites into space, Sharad Bhaskaran will present Astrobotic’s moonshot planned for next year and Łukasz Wilczyński, a man that brought Mars to Earth, will get you inside the European Rover Challenge competition.

Afterward, Pete Worden of Breakthrough Initiatives will take beyond our solar system, to the sun’s nearest neighbor - Alpha Centauri, while SETI’s Seth Shostak will ponder the existence of extraterrestrial life there and even million light years farther away.

Finally, LIGO’s David Reitze is poised to showcase the big picture: infinite universe and beyond.

This is what enthusiasts will be exploring at theTUNDRA's “Beyond Space” streaming event on November 2, starting at 9:30 am PST. Join the breakout sessions live and take a seat on a journey beyond the horizon, into the vastness of space.


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