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Lunar Ice: The Final Frontier in Refreshment

Could Dasani moon water be coming to a bodega near you?

CK Kimball
August 23 2021

There’s a place, almost untouched by humanity. A natural satellite of cold and secret ice. A destination for future hydration

The moon.

Our beautiful, thirst-quenching moon: Pixlr 

Since civilization began, humans have used mining to access minerals in the surface of the Earth. Now, to bring the freshest refreshment out of this world to the people, NASA hopes to make moon mining a reality.

Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon and now the formal name for the NASA program that hopes to send humans to live on the planet, has made it the agency’s priority to develop methods of extraction for the so-fabled “water ice” frozen in surface pits – to quench the thirst us of us mere mortals.   

“Water ice” is believed to be abundant in the moon’s icy polar regions, secreted away in the shadowy floors of craters. But, like in the deserts of Joshua Tree, this surface water is scarce. The need to go deep into the moon for those hidden, veins of moon ice, is the desire of self-sufficiency, of independence, of freedom for mankind on the moon. Lest they be beholden to numerous supply runs to Earth should the Artemis program be a success at the end of the decade. 

With the “Break the Ice Lunar Challenge”, NASA offered $500,000 between 13 teams challenged and nurtured to develop new ideas and approaches to moon-mining technology. Three companies - Masten Space Systems, Lunar Outpost and Honeybee Robotics - have been teasing a new system using rockets to mine the so-called and so-desired “water ice”.  

So here’s our pitch: why not trust a company with decades of experience in water refreshment? Imagine, Dasani Moon Water. With moon water rights managed by a company so well-versed in H2O, humans can relax knowing that the ultimate thirst quench is just a space shuttle away. Who better to quite literally ‘break the ice’ unchartered intergalactic territory? 

Dasani. The next frontier in hydration. The final frontier in refreshment. Do you hear us Dasani? We’re thirsty and, if you’re willing to serve us, then we want you to give us the moon.



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