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Watch This Mesmerizing Timelapse of the Sun’s Last Decade

Smithsonian Magazine article shared by theTUNDRA
Smithsonian Magazine article shared by theTUNDRA

Updated July 02nd, 2020

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is celebrating ten trips around the sun this year—that is, ten years of being the sun’s most reliable photographer. The satellite has been taking a snapshot of the fiery ball of gas at the center of our solar system every 0.75 seconds since its launch on February 11, 2010.

All told, SDO has captured more than 425 million high-resolution images of the sun, amounting to more than 20 million gigabytes of data, according to a NASA statement. This month, scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center used that massive stockpile of images to stitch together a one-hour-long timelapse video of the sun’s surface, where each second corresponds to about one day on Earth. The video gives viewers a sped-up look at the sun’s last decade, set to a custom soundtrack by musician Lars Leonhard.

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