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Werewolves COULD Be Real, It All Depends On Moon Physics

A quick rundown on the physics of lycanthropy

CK Kimball
September 21 2021
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Lycanthropy, the ability for a human to transform into a werewolf, was first documented by Petronius between 27 AD and 66 AD with the concept coming into prominence in the Late Middle Ages with a surge of interest in the twentieth century. Many have relegated werewolves to the stuff of legend, yet, the theory of Lycanthropy is hotly contested with sometimes conflicting or anecdotal evidence based off scattered sightings and European folklore.

But what if we were to take the assumption that lycanthropy is possible? Is there any scientific basis to support such a claim and, if so, then how? Well, curses, magic salves, drinking from the imprint of a werewolf paw in mud; there are many competing ideas for the cause, or trigger, of lycanthropy. But the strongest evidence detailing the mechanics involved in biological shapeshifting is the tidal powerhouse hanging in Earth’s sky - the Moon. (Now, bear with us, because we’re in for a long walk to get there.)

The Moon, in theory, exists from the debris of a giant impact 4 billion years ago of a Mars-sized body with Earth. Earth’s tidal-interaction basically “caught” the moon into a wider orbit around Earth, where it has remained. The moon creates its own effect on Earth’s natural systems with tidal pulls of Earth’s oceans, with time, and with light. This Lunar Effect on biological systems has been documented for ages in the reproductive and migration patterns of animals (including humans), the ebb and flow of oceanic tides (the Moon “bulging” Earth’s water towards itself when close in orbit), and frequent increases of human activity in Emergency Rooms and crime. There’s even evidence of “circalunar” rhythm in sleep with disruptions of periods of rest coinciding with phases of the Moon.

Moon Phases: NASA

The theory of Lycanthropy runs concurrent with theories of Lunar Effect. The concept of “the change” within werewolves coincides with the Full Moon lunar phase occurring about every 29.5 days. And yet, the relation of the two ideas is rarely studied beyond the original folklore and mythological considerations. 

The study of Lycanthropy more often falls under animal or human behavior with a focus on how a mammalian animal can seemingly “change form” so dramatically. The Moon is always introduced as a factor though rarely focused on as the possible true trigger of the metamorphosis beyond its presence.

Fact is, the understanding of matter and how matter changes has been studied primarily on Earth. But, as has become more apparent with technological advances, the rules of physics as humans know them only apply directly when on their planet. What we know now is that the definitive rules of matter, such as solids are solid and liquids are liquid, go out the window when in space.

It’s a simple explanation but one with many variables to human understanding of life. On Earth, a solid maintains its volume in a rigid state. In space, a solid can have a liquid vortex spinning within its rigid form. This is a form of “exotic matter” referred to as a Supersolid. Exotic matter is all over the dark reaches of space making it, considering the universe is much bigger than the environment of Earth, not exotic at all. To space, it’s just matter. Matter than can be manipulated at the quantum level and matter that eventually becomes life.

All this is to say that in exploring the theory of Lycanthropy, as it is applied, is only explored within the rules of Earth physics. But the documented relation of Earth’s moon to what could be considered a dramatic, and possibly controlled, change in the state of matter in a biological system is the real “smoking gun” of Werewolves.

Gravity, in mechanics, is the universal force of attraction acting between all matter. The Moon is more than an accidental satellite. It’s possibly a piece of either Earth or the Mars-sized celestial body that careened into Earth billions of years ago. Who knows what states of matter or mechanics of physics were present at that time and what matter and mechanics were left behind. Considering humans believed well into the 19th century that the moon might hold vegetation and that the “dark sides” of the moon were oceans, it makes sense that the theory of Lycanthropy, and its connection to the moon, would be more “aesthetic”.  

But new facts of physics, space, and how it all came together to form the miracle of life are flowing in. The moon is more than a pretty rock, there are more than four states of matter, existence stretches back further than our current comprehension, your politicians are lying to you. Werewolves are real.

Just look at the Moon.



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