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I don't mind camping as an adult now
I don't mind camping as an adult now

A camping trip as a teen ended my parents reign of stealing our summers.

When we were growing up, my parents would take my brother and I camping as often as they could. This meant, as we got older, foregoing any time with our friends in favor of spending it with our parents. Which can get weird.
This was fine when we were little, but as we got older we started to really resent them. As little kids, it was fun to run around in the woods and get really dirty. In all fairness, my brother was still into that as we got older, but I got more into makeup and boys and there were none of those things around camping. Until one summer when I was 15.
There was finally a family in the campsite next to us with a boy roughly my age. He was so cute, too. He and his family came over and introduced themselves.
We locked eyes and he motioned with his head to meet him "over there". We made out heavily under cover of dense trees. This was happened for the first week of our stay at the campgrounds. Our fun ended when my dad caught us kissing during our 2nd week of being there. He was furious! He grabbed Jordan by his shirt & dragged him back to his campsite.
I was mortified. I finally had a hot guy to make out with. I didn't have that back home. The boys were only interested in my best friend. I tried to explain this to my parents.
They didn't care. We packed up the next day and drove in silence back home. My brother thanked me in secret. He had a girlfriend that no one knew about back home and he missed her.
“Our fun ended when my dad caught us kissing...”
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