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My tattoo I got for Sebastian sits on my wrist.
My tattoo I got for Sebastian sits on my wrist.

All My Tattoos Have Meaning, But My Most Meaningful Tattoo Is For My Nephew

I have more than a handful of tattoos and all of them have meaning; but my most meaningful tattoo is one I got for my nephew after he passed away. His story has touched many and every time I look at my tattoo, I am reminded of his life.
In October of 2011 my pregnant Sister-in-law and Nephew were about to undergo prenatal surgery. For those who do not know what that is, it's when a surgeon performs an operation on a baby still in the womb. My Sister-in-law was 20 weeks pregnant at the time. The operation was risky and rare, only being performed in 3 hospitals across the country.
Sebastian was diagnosed with Spina Bifida while still in the womb. Meaning he had an opening in his back exposing his spine. The surgery would close the opening to help it develop.
The surgery went very well, until a week later when there was a life-threatening infection for the Mom and Baby. On November 4th 2011, we welcomed Sebastian into the world. He was 18 weeks early, but a strong fighter, which earned him a middle name of Rocky. He even had little boxing gloves hanging from his incubator because we knew how tough he was.
He gained strength every day, but one day there were complications. He passed away December 3rd. The most amazing part was how many people he touched during his short time with us.
He fought so hard; I've never seen that kind of strength in anyone I've ever met. Because of that, hundreds of people are inspired by him. My tattoo is a reminder of his strength and his life.
“Every time I look at my tattoo I am reminded of his life.”
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