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The sky alight with kites!
The sky alight with kites!

Are There Specific Kites For Kids? These Are My Childhood Kites

I was totally this kid as a kid.

The Box Kite

My first real kite was a box kite. Looking at it on the ground, I had no idea how this thing would fly. After all, there aren't any box-shaped airplanes or gliders. It looked a bit like a hot air balloon, but there was nothing covering the top. Even today, box kites are enigmatic in my mind.
These guys never lasted long.


These guys technically aren't kites, but they fill a similar niche. They're colorful plastic paratroopers that, when all goes well, will gently fall with the help of their parachute. It was always a challenge finding somewhere high enough to drop these guys. You needed altitude or they'd splat.
Always use the funny pages!


The newspaper kite is one that can sometimes actually work. Sometimes. Make sure it doesn't get wet! Also good luck getting the sticks to stay like that. My family wasn't craft oriented.
The height of 4 year-old aviation technology.

Plastic Bag On a String

This one was a tried and true classic. We've all seen plastic bags go flying, how they waft through the breeze. If a plastic bag can do that on its own, how have we not harnessed this incredible power for ourselves? The design was simple. One plastic bag and a length of string. Tie the string to the bag handles, make sure you find a bag with no holes in it, run. If all goes well, you will have a spectacular kite.
We had to keep coming up with excuses for why we couldn't fly it with her.

Gimmicky Kite

My aunt gave me one of these as a kid. I was excited, but I could not get it to fly. I assume me or my sisters broke it. We had to pretend it was working fine when our aunt came over
I called these

Fighter Kite

The fighter kite is often what people are thinking of when they think "kite". It's durable and simple, and can whip around like crazy way up there. I recall these being the easiest to use.
Kindergarten to the skies!

Straws & Tape

These are not going to fly. At least they won't if you make them tiny like this. These were a classic to make in kindergarten and day care. Fun and easy activity, straws glue and paper.
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