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The many flavors of Bartles & Jaymes
The many flavors of Bartles & Jaymes

Bartles & Jaymes the ultimate wine cooler.

Wine coolers make me think of summer nights in Tennessee in the 80's and 90's when my husband and the kids would camp under the stars in our backyard. We'd invite another family over and have a blast!
One such weekend night, we had invited our next door neighbors and their daughter over for a camp out. We had a myriad of tents, so all they needed to bring was some food and some drink. Morty and Hank grilled burgers and potatoes while the kids poked around down by the pond in our backyard. I love the pond, but mosquitoes can be a problem sometimes.
Anyway, Hank and Tish brought some Bartles and Jaymes, which they knew I loved. They brought several four-packs of different flavors. Those things are like juice!
The boys were getting older, so we made sure they didn't sneak any. This was the "adult juice". Once it got late, the kids went to tell ghost stories in their tents. The parents were all pretty buzzed by that point, but we kept drinking. I remember thinking how I knew I'd have a hangover in the morning since the wine coolers are so sugary!
I kept going though. Once we knew that the kids were konked out for the night, we got a little rowdy. I remember stripping down naked and skinny dipping in the pond!
I was freezing when I got out, so I'm so glad I was in the comfort of my own backyard-- I could go shower! That night will always be remembered as some of the most fun I've had!
“I remember thinking how I knew I'd have a hangover...”
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