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It's not a chick flick. It's a FILM.
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It's not a chick flick. It's a FILM.

Can We All Stop Saying 'Chick Flicks', Y'all? Guy Askin' Here

I consider myself a progressive dude. I live in New Orleans and even though LA as a state is leaning red as of late, Nola's blue through and through. My girlfriend's more progressive. And she was none too please when I mentioned this term.
We were trying to decide which movie to watch and she kept bringing up romantic comedies, and I mentioned that BRIDESMAIDS is my favorite chick flick and s**t just kinda hit the fan. I mean, at first she was annoyed and I could tell. When I asked what was up, she said she hated the term 'chick flick' because people always say it in a demeaning way.
By this rationale, we should probably do away with the 'bromance' label too. But the problem with equality and fair treatment is hardly with dudes, not the LADIES, y'all.
When people say 'chick flick', they're usually talking about a movie with female-driven plots and cast. It's a movie presumably women would dig more than guys, hence the tendency for men to blow off supposed 'chick flicks' with scorn? But why are we labeling female-heavy films with a cutesy nickname like 'chick flick'?
Let's treat films the same way, instead of using labels like chick flicks that encourage men to assume a female-driven plot and cast will only appeal to women.
Why not just call them what they are, like buddy comedies (Mean Girls, Clueless, Bridesmaids), romantic comedies (Sex and the City), romantic dramas (The Notebook) or comedies (The Heat)?
“Stop using labels that encourage men to scorn female films.”
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