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Art is everywhere
Art is everywhere

Got a Pencil And Some Doodle Time? Be a Sketch Artist

How cool is this card?

Sketch a sketch

What better inspiration than sketching something that's already sketched? I've learned a lot about technique this way. It gives me a good handle on shading and rendering especially.
Sketch a LEGO man

Sketch LEGOs

Have any LEGOs lying around? LEGOs are great for sketching because they're so angular, shiny and 3D. Artist Muhammad Ejleh created the LEGO man sketch above.
How clever is this?

Play with 3D

I can't get enough of 3D-sketching. The dinosaur 'leaping' out of the page above is from Ramon Bruin.
Cartoon mouths

Be a comic-book artist

Mess around with cartoon art. Sketch your favorite comic or cartoon character or pick a facial feature and start doodling. Another fun thing to do is 'cartoonize' everday objects.
Sketch food!

Sketch food

Food is an easy and fun thing to sketch. And it's everywhere, so it's pretty simple to find something and start drawing.
Sketch flowers

Sketch flowers

Flowers are perfect for practice sketches, especially for working on shading.
Memory sketches

Mind sketch

Sketch something from memory only. You'll start to learn your drawing style.
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