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Private oceanfront view and infinity pool? Luxury.
Private oceanfront view and infinity pool? Luxury.

Is It Really Luxury Or Just Claiming Luxury? The Overuse Of 'Luxury Travel'

Every hotel, spa, cruise line and restaurant wants to classify themselves as 'luxury' for travelers these days. When I see luxury, I always do a little extra research to make sure that's really the case.
So what is luxury anyway? I think of it as the highest level of exclusivity and service available. There's always personal attention to detail and private services that cater to specific tastes and preferences.
Luxury for me is also something you cannot get anywhere else - whether that's an experience or an item or accommodations.
Most places that call themselves luxury are usually upscale and high-end, but not necessarily luxury. High-thread count sheets and in-room hot tubs are upmarket but hardly luxury. Luxury is a private butler doing turn-down service and drawing a bubble bath for you.
I got an in-room massage and free clothing laundering and ironing when I stayed in Dubai. And then they gave me a private boat tour around Palm Islands. That is true luxury.
If you're not sure whether something's truly luxury, check the price. True luxury always comes with a matching price tag.
“Most places that claim luxury are usually just upscale.”
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