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Me snapping some shots on my camera
Me snapping some shots on my camera

It Took Me An Entire Month To Realize Shutter Release Button On My Camera

I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed. When I got my new camera for my birthday I read only the things I thought were necessary to use it. The flash,lens caps and a few other things.
I thought as long as the camera took the pictures and they looked somewhat decent everything was okay. I would whip out my camera manually open the shutter and click away. I always thought my process was missing a step, but never knew what it could be. One day I went to the beach with friends to play volleyball.
While we were there I pulled out my camera to get some good action shots. Before I started collecting pictures of my friends I once again, opened the shutter with my fingers. Not good.
My friend David nearly had a heart attack right before me. I didn't understand what the problem was. He looked at me like I violated him and asked me what I was doing with my camera.
I looked at him confidently and said, "taking photos". He chuckled and then shock his head at me. David leaned over and pointed to a little button on the side of the camera. I looked at it in a confused way and asked what it was. It was the shutter release button. It was the step I'd been missing all along. There it was.
We both let out a roar of laughter. I couldn't believe I never pressed the most obvious button on my camera that could have made my life easier. Since then I've studied my camera more.
“It was the shutter release button.”
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