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A book I read when learning Parisian style
A book I read when learning Parisian style

I've Always Loved French Fashion On The Street And The Runway Of Paris

French fashion has always inspired my personal fashion choices. I love the chic simplicity of the style. I once visited Paris with one intention only. That was to understand Parisian fashion.
I boarded a plane one spring and stayed in Paris for a month to further develop my style. Some of the greatest houses of fashion are headquartered there. I couldn't go wrong by learning from the best. I had an inside connection, Helen who worked for a fashion house. She helped me understand what fashion was. Fashion in general.
She took me on tours of certain fashion houses and broke it all down. We studied why certain fabrics were used on dresses as opposed to others. We studied fabric and texture a lot
I felt like an expert on all things high fashion, but we were only half way through the month. I still had to understand Parisian street wear. Helen had a plan for helping me there too.
We would study the streets of Paris by touring the city and capturing what looks great. That was also a part of Helen's job. She would visit different cities and take photos of people who were casually forward in fashion. These people weren't celebrities or influencer, but regular everyday people. This was my favorite part.
We interviewed and snapped photos of so many people who had such great fashion sense. I couldn't have been more inspired. I think I finally understood French fashion for the first time.
“We studied fabric and texture a lot”
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