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Brown and white bovine (cow)
Brown and white bovine (cow)

Our friends have a farm in Malibu with horses, chickens, and bovine.

We are so lucky to live where we live, in Malibu, California, & to have the friends that we have here. Bill & I had thought about having our own little farm out here, but it's just too much with work & the kids & then our relationship, too.
However, we have some amazing friends that have little farms across the area; probably a bit more ranch style than Midwest farm. When we get a chance, or when we're invited over, we like to go to our friends', Clive and Jerry. Clive and Jerry have an innumerable amount of animals on their farm. Clive actually grew up on a farm in the Midwest.
He's very comfortable taking care of such a large brood of beasts. Jerry is the one still getting used to it, but he loves the animals. They have bovines, horses, pigs, chickens.
They harvest their own eggs from the chickens, milk the bovines, use the horses for riding & for help in plowing little sections of field. I often call them my Amish friends, which they hate (but I think they secretly love). They even slaughter their own meat. They're truly the epitome of "farm to table" out here in Malibu. It's why I love eating there!
The kids love to go out & play with the animals, & Clive loves to teach them what he knows about them & how to take care of them. They have us watch their farm when they travel.
I think the bovines are my favorite. They seem like such big, dumb cows, but they're not. They are kind and gentle and very smart! I love coming to the farm as much as my kiddos do!
“He's very comfortable taking care of such a large brood...”
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