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An ornate women's luxury watch.
An ornate women's luxury watch.

Searching For the World's Most Expensive Watches

I recently wrote a story on Ink on Hands about the life lessons my dad taught me growing up. He always preferred the modest simplicity and functionally of a cheap watch.
I valued his opinions greatly but now that I'm an adult I write pieces for a local publication centered around fashion and lifestyle. One of my biggest assignments this past year was focused on the process of buying, testing, and wearing some of the world's most expensive watches.
This past year was quite a change of pace for me. I got to regularly wear accessories that cost more than 6 months of rent for the purpose of journalism. Although my dad's lessons are always in the back of my mind I still love the appeal of luxury watches. The weight and design of these watches are hypnotic.
I learned about so many aspects of watches that were hidden in plain sight before in the past year. The undulating rhythm of the valjoux 7750 and the beauty of a chronograph face.
I still love a cheap watch and wear one daily the allure of the world's most expensive watches is irresistible.
“...I still love the appeal of luxury watches.”
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