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Discovering wine legs.
Discovering wine legs.

So... What Are Wine Legs?

My wife has made me more sophisticated. There, I said it. She's really opened my eyes to so many things like wine tasting. Before we started dating I never enjoyed wine and now I love it.
We go to some pretty nice wineries together and while my wife is a knowledgeable wine enthusiast I'm not so I tend to lay low. The last few times we've gone tasting I've heard people discussing "wine legs" and assumed it was some type of joke in reference to land legs or sea legs. I saved my questions for our ride home.
My wife explained that "wine legs" are the trickles of wine you see on the glass after you've swirled your wine around. People think that more trickles means a higher alcohol content.
But this is debatable. Some people believe that the legs indicate viscosity, sweetness, or quality of the wine. Others assert that they mean absolutely nothing at all.
I'm not sure what I think seeing as though I thought "wine legs" referred to actual limbs less than a week ago. I've tried to pay attention to the wine legs now that I know they may indicate something but I can't really find any consistent results from the sign of legs in a glass.
Discovering "wine legs" has started a search for me pertaining to other wine terms. I like to be educated about things I enjoy even if I enjoy them casually.
“'wine legs' are the trickles of wine you see on the glass...”
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