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Gorgeous winery
Gorgeous winery

The moment I knew I needed a wine rack...

There was a super specific moment where I knew I needed a wine rack. As a dude, who normally drinks beer, I had never thought of a wine rack, let alone stocking my apartment with wine for anyone to drink.
I don't normally have friends over, so I don't stock adult beverages, other than what I drink, in the apartment. I've been a beer guy since high school (yeah, I know what the legal drinking age is) so it never really occurred to me to branch out. I liked beer. Well, to be fair, I had to acquire a taste for beer. Don't we all?
I don't think anyone actually likes beer the first couple of times they have it. The hops in it are really off-putting, but once you get used to it, it's on!
So, when I was dating my ex-girlfriend, after college, I brought her back to my place and she almost looked appalled. She couldn't believe I didn't have anything to drink besides Mountain Dew, water, or beer. To be fair, I had a few types of beer on hand, but she didn't like beer. I told her to try one, and she did, like a good sport, but it was a no.
We went out that night and got her a bottle of Pinot Grigio, which was her favorite wine. She had me try that and, after a few sips, I was hooked! I really liked how crisp it was.
We were together for a few years, and one of the things I bought for my apartment was a wine rack, so that she would feel a bit more at home whenever she came over with her Pinot Grigio.
“"...I didn't have anything to drink besides Mountain Dew..."”
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