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What gives these guys the right?
What gives these guys the right?

These Air Traffic Control Folks Have No Business Telling Planes What To Do

Where do these people get off, telling these giant amazing flying machines where they can and can not go? Last I checked, an airplane could easily take down one of those air traffic controllers, hiding away in their control towers.
I'm sorry, are you a giant multi-ton flying metal behemoth defying the laws of gravity by being heavier than any bird has ever been? No, no you are not. You are a man (or woman) sitting in a comfy chair, in your big control tower, telling these planes what to do. You think this is NASA? You think you're ground control? You think you're "Houston"?
These people had better get off of these planes' backs. Planes do such a hard job and then to have these punks telling them when they can and can not land is absurd.
This one time, I was at the Atlanta Airport, and I saw one of those air traffic control people eating a blueberry muffin she bought from one of those overpriced airport coffee shops. She didn't even use a fork or knife to eat it, she just took a bite out of it like it was an apple. I almost didn't make my flight I was so upset. Seriously! This is bad!
If these people wanted to, they could tell these planes to land in dangerous places, or ruin major sporting events by flying too low. Do you want airplanes ruining baseball?!
We have to stop these people before they realize the extent of their power. I suggest locking them in their control towers, Rapunzel-style. I doubt any of them have enough hair to escape.
“Do you want airplanes ruining baseball?!”
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