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The Enthusiast's Journey

The Enthusiast Network Formerly Known As PASH: Why We Changed Our Name

There’s power in theTUNDRA, the sheer gravitas of the word and the vastness it implies, the adventurous spirit, the innate curiosity and the courage required to explore the great landscape parallels the discipline required to pursue the infinite possibility of our special interests – a journey Enthusiasts know is not for the faint-of-heart.

There’s sacrifice involved – expenditure of valuable resources like time and money, joy and pain are all tangible parts of the Enthusiast experience that inspire us, not only while engaging in the interest but more importantly, like theTUNDRA, merely thinking about our interests during the idle moments motivates us, always giving us something to look forward to, with anticipation to what's next...

Serving Enthusiasts Tools to Explore

Serving the Enthusiast's infinite spirit-of-pursuit, theTUNDRA 24/365 Network of Special Interest Networks is continually enhancing its Enthusiast Tool Kit - all on-the-house.

Each Special Interest Has Its Own:

  • RSS Newsreaders featuring 1000s curated newsfeeds
  • Podcasts tailored to each interest
  • Video including YouTube curated by interest
  • Groups hosted by Members
  • Buy-sell-trade Marketplace
  • Discussion Forums
  • Magazine featuring Member-published Articles
  • Enthusiast Badges

Each Registered Member Has Their Own:

  • Homepage featuring daily theTUNDRA curated News
  • Customizable Newsfeed filters - Member interest & content personalization
  • Public Profile Page - Members share their published content & reposts

theTUNDRA News

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