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Your 365/24/7 Full-Service Virtual Convention Solution.

All Tools. All Events. All Free.

Designed to keep your event audience engaged year-round, TUNDRAVirtual provides event planners a completely customizable event experience, offering agile tech supporting events that range from one hour to one week, reaching diverse audiences from small groups to large conventions of 10,000 or more.

TUNDRAVirtual Events

Unprecedented Fusion of Live Interactive Event Technology.

Bringing the physical to digital event experiences, the TUNDRAVirtual virtual event platform delivers new ways for attendees to network, engage and collaborate in online conferences.

Customizable Event Features.

  • Live & Recorded Breakout Sessions with interactive Q&A and Chat
  • Virtual Vendor Marketplace Expo
  • Live Event Updates & Organization and Industry News
  • Group Creation with Interactive Engagement Tools
  • Affliate Partner/Corporate Sponsors Showcased Site-wide
  • Real-Time Social Media Account and Hashtag Integration

Optimized Audience Engagement & Revenue Monetization Stream

  • Free event hosting in one simple micro-site URL for your audience
  • Host Organization executes & retains all virtual events revenue (ticket sales, vendors, sponsors, etc)
  • Real-person, real-time on-demand client support including PreCon Meetings to ensure seamless execution
  • Easy-to-Use admin tool offering on-demand, real -time control of your event features, news and design customization
  • Explore early adopter marketing and promotional benefits, including monetary incentives

Exclusive Marketing Benefits for Early Adopters.

Maximize organization’s profile across theTUNDRA’s expansive special interest network featuring 70+ multi-media special interest community-based platforms.

  • Increase attendance acquisition and membership leveraging cross-pollinating audiences across theTUNDRA’s vast special interest network
  • Reach your whole audience with all your content - no algorithm interference
  • Amplify your marketing budget utilizing theTUNDRA’s existing audience growth campaigns including paid media and editorial event and social media coverage
  • Access analytics tracking of audience attendance & behavior

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