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FSU Pickleball Players Do It All @ School & Play

Here's how FSU's Pickleball Club balances academic life

April 11 2024


Students at Florida State University often balance their workloads by employing various time management strategies and prioritization techniques. How do they manage to be a full-time student, participate in organizations, and be a part of the pickleball club? They can surely do it all!

Annie Arevalo has been a member of the FSU Pickleball Club since the beginning of the semester. Arevalo is a first-year student that attends Florida State University, majoring in finance. After a big life transition, graduating high school and then attending one of the top universities, Arevalo found the pickleball club as a safe space. Arevalo heard about the pickleball club through social media: their Instagram. After hours of scrolling and seeing how fun a club could be she joined in the spring semester of 2024. 

Arevalo is in a volunteer group at a local facility in Tallahassee. The volunteer work she contributes to the community is not only for one of her classes at Florida State University, but out of an enjoyment of giving back to society. Arevalo is fluent in Spanish; she exhibits her background by teaching the language to several children. As it can be a challenge to balance volunteering, classwork, and a sport, Arevalo manages to do it!  

Before a new week begins, Arevalo manages her time by planning out what each day will consist of. This helps her stay organized on top of schoolwork and time management. Arevalo loves the atmosphere of the pickleball club as it acts as a stress reliever. The sport takes her mind off the daily stresses for that time period. She says the pickleball club has a great atmosphere because the people are so energetic, and it is easy to get along with one another.

Arevalo is one that can achieve academic excellence, love one another by giving back to the community and improve her skills every week. 

Joshua Hamburger was in three clubs during his spring semester at Florida State University! Hamburger is a senior, majoring in History on the Pre-Law track. Hamburger always knew what pickleball was but had never really tried it. However, over Thanksgiving break of 2023, Hamburgers’ family decided to make a fun and friendly competitive tournament. The family tournament was full of teamwork and determination. Therefore, this inspired him to join the FSU Pickleball Club in the spring semester of 2024.


Hamburger is a part of several organizations at Florida State University. He is a part of Phi Alpha Delta, a law fraternity for the College of Law. In this fraternity, Hamburger participates in several community events to enhance his academics and understand his studies. In the interest of his major, he is planning to attend the College of Law after he graduates. 

Hamburger is originally from Miami, so he loves to represent his background at Florida State University by being in the Hispanic Honor Society. He enjoys this atmosphere, as it represents his culture which fulfills him. The Hispanic Honor Society recognizes academic excellence among Hispanic/Latino students who seek to learn more about the culture no matter the field of study. 

As a result of Hamburger’s dedication to school organizations, he has developed a sense of belonging and networking opportunities. He loves to be in all clubs as they truly complement each other. With the heavy workload of studying law, Hamburger loves to release stress and just have friendly matches on the pickleball courts every Tuesday and Thursday with his friends. He loves to relieve stress through the pickleball club, as it is upbeat with a great community. The pickleball club is full of great memories; Hamburger says his favorite part of the club is, “the friends I have made and formed groups to play over the weekend, the comradery, and everyone is super open to just play and have fun.”

As Hamburger is a senior, he is so grateful to be a part of the pickleball team and cannot wait to master his skills for the last 2 weeks of practice.



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