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Students from the Pickleball Club take on Spring Break

Never a dull moment for FSU Pickleball Club members!

March 28 2024

Pictured: Isaiah Hall, Alexis Patel

Finally, after difficult midterms and heavy workloads, FSU students literally had a (Spring) break!  Florida State Students were off school from March 8 to the 18th. Many students were looking forward to this time to work on their pickleball skills and have a relaxing time off with either their friends or family and alone time. Here’s a look at how students stayed active and enjoyed their time off.

Simone Greyvensteyn is a freshman at Florida State University. She is majoring in biology and has been in the Florida State Pickleball Club for over 9 months. She found a passion for pickleball in high school when some of her friends invited her to play at the courts. Over the break, Simone said she spent a lot of time with her family. Yet that did not stop her from heading to the courts in Jupiter, Florida. Spending family time led Simone to have a blast with her family on the court. It was not competitive, but it was sure a challenge in the heat. Simone stated she uses a big hydro flask to keep her hydrated and on her toes. Not only did she play with her family over Spring break, but she also played with friends, and this led to a competition. Simone and her friends said they love to place bets on who loses. The losers must buy ice cream at the local ice cream spot. This led to friendly competition and Simone said she ended up winning after four games. She ended the day with an ice cream in her hand! What a blast over the break Simone had.

Isaiah Hall was also interviewed. He is a freshman at Florida State University majoring in business management. Isaiah has been in the pickleball club as soon as he saw the Instagram post on the Florida State pickleball page. He has now been in the pickleball club since the beginning of spring semester. This is the only club Isaiah participates in as he is solely committed to it! Over spring break, Isaiah spent his time at the beach, having campfires with his friends, and having some fun playing pickleball at the courts in his hometown Tampa, Florida. Isaiah said he loves the pickleball atmosphere, which allows friendly competition with laughs and smiles. He also said he loves the accessibility of how everyone can play this sport. Isaiah’s favorite part of pickleball is spiking it. He stated one of his biggest challenges is near the end of the game, he starts to get too comfortable, and this causes him to mess up! Isaiah Hall overcomes this challenge by encouraging teammates who will remind him to work hard but it can be mentally challenging. On the other hand, he stated he thrives on hustling for the ball. Isaiah sure had an elastic break with his friends and worked hard on the pickleball court. 

Pictured: Fina McCreary

Fina McCreary came ready to practice with bright yellow and pink socks.

Will she win and raise her rank on DUPR?



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