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Covering The NHL The Way it Should Be

Our Platform is Bringing Knowledge & Opinions Back To NHL Coverage

May 07 2024

Dallas Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger celebrates a home win in the First Round. SOURCE: DALLAS STARS TWITTER/X

Our society has turned into Amazon warehouses, where robots and people who act like robots take the items and put them in boxes to ship them around the world. It’s happening with everything and sports coverage is no exception. 

Sports Illustrated was busted a few months back for having artificial intelligence creating content for the platform. They became the recent casualty in the sports world but other sites places faring much better. Every day it seems like another big media company is laying off writers, columnists, journalists, and producers only to see them replaced with robots or people who act like robots. 

People becoming robotic with their coverage is the more embarrassing aspect. We as a society have turned creating minds into basic content machines. Articles on a sports site are plain, straightforward, and sadly lack thought or knowledge. It makes anyone feel for the fans who are becoming more knowledgeable about the games than ever before.

The Site: The Rangers Swept The Capitals!!

The Fans: No Shit! I watched that last night!

The Rangers celebrate a sweep of the Capitals, something you probably know happened if you are on this site. SOURCE: SNY (TWITTER/X)

This brings us to the mission of a new platform, a place where hockey fans will hopefully find useful and insightful coverage.

Our Mission

It’s a cliche that knowledge is power. Yet, that’s the thing that sports writers possess that fans desire and it must be provided. The world is craving more sports coverage, especially hockey coverage and it seems like everyone has an opinion, yet few people have a professional opinion. Anyone who provides NHL coverage to the fans can and should have a take, an authentic view of what is happening, and manage to provide evidence or good reasoning to back it up. 

We have minimal insight in a hockey world that needs it. It’s one thing to look at the box scores or the standings and see what happened. It’s another to see what they imply and why they matter.

The hope is that on our platform, you can find quick access to all things NHL and come away with something new every time you come here. As an avid fan, this is the coverage you deserve!

Reporting the news would be useful but a lot of platforms already do it and that’s unfortunately, all they do. Providing the scores from the previous night or previewing the week of action would be nice as well but there’s no value to most fans (if you are coming to this site, the chances are you already know what happened the night before or know which teams are facing each other). There is value in commenting on everything and the upcoming articles and podcasts intend to do just that. 

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