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Three Things To Watch At The NHL Draft

The 2024 NHL Draft is around the corner and there are some things to keep an eye one

June 27 2024
The NHL Draft will be held on Friday in the Las Vegas Sphere. Pretty cool huh? SOURCE: Front Office Sports (X)

The Stanley Cup Final and the 2023-24 NHL season are behind us. So, it’s full speed ahead to the 2024 NHL Entry Draft which is on Friday and takes place in Las Vegas (hosting anything in the desert in June seems like a bad idea but the good news is they will be in a sphere). 

 The number one overall pick barring any wild and sudden changes will be Macklin Celebrini. He’s not a generational talent like Connor Bedard was heading into last year's draft but he’s a star in the making and sure to help the San Jose Sharks in the future.

 Then the draft gets interesting. Watch out for some things if you are intrigued with the draft.

What Will The Top 5 Picks Look Like?

Celebrini is the sure top pick but who goes number two? Will the Chicago Blackhawks, who landed the generational talent in Bedard, add a complimentary piece along the forward unit or will they address defense?

Then there’s the rest of the top five which include the Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Montreal Canadiens having a prime opportunity to select elite talent. Will they start selecting defensemen? Will Zeev Buium or Ivan Demidov, two top-five prospects, slide out of the top five? Unlike previous drafts, this one has some intrigue after the top selection and possibly until the end of the first round.

What Do The Sharks Do After Celebrini

The Sharks enter this draft with a lot of pressure. They have been a cellar dweller for years and are so far away from contending, that they are arguably the furthest team away from the Cup. It’s looking bad since this team is rebuilding after failing to rebuild. 

The good thing is that they will land a great player with the top pick. The problem is that there are so many issues with this roster that they must address. It makes going on a heater all the more crucial for this front office as they hope to nail multiple picks.

Will a Trade on Draft Night Happen

Nikolaj Ehlers, Martin Necas, and Patrik Laine are all on the trade block and have been since the season ended. They are elite forwards who can turn a good offense into a great one and a great one into one of the best. Any team looking to make that upgrade might flip a first round pick or multiple picks to acquire one of them.

 There are plenty of teams looking to make a push this offseason and go all-in on winning the Cup. One way to do that is by adding an NHL-ready player to the roster. A trade involving Ehlers, Necas, or Laine will do that.

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