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How An Artist Befriended The Thief Who Stole Her Painting

Vanity Fair article shared by theTUNDRA
Vanity Fair article shared by theTUNDRA

Updated May 22nd, 2020

There have been some epic, action-movie-ready art heists over the years—a 2000 Rembrandt and Renoir theft involving a speedboat getaway in Stockholm; a Cézanne stolen during a New Year’s firework explosion over Oxford; and a $500-million art robbery in Boston involving fake police officers that remains unsolved three decades later. But it was the 2015 theft of an unknown artist’s paintings in Oslo that may have yielded the most fascinating art-theft ending yet.

After two of her most prized paintings were stolen, Czech artist Barbora Kysilkova came face-to-face with thief Karl-Bertil Nordland in a courtroom. Rather than reprimand Nordland though, she asked him if she could paint his portrait. The unlikely friendship that developed over the following three years is chronicled in Benjamin Ree’s new documentary The Painter and the Thief, which is available to stream Friday on Hulu.

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