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Auto Industry’s Largest Show is Back w/ Big Vision

Chicago Auto Show gets auto enthusiasts pumped like heat-seeking missile

By Audrey Davis
February 17 2022
Guests welcomed into the Chicago Auto Show 2019. (Shutterstock) 

The 2022 Chicago Auto Show is currently running at the McCormick Place convention center once again, after the consumer-oriented mega-event was forced to scale back their 10-day run last year due to the pandemic. The show opened this week and will continue through President’s Day on Monday, February 21.  

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT-C on display at Chicago Auto Show 2018. (Mercedes-Benz of Chicago)  

For those in the Midwest, it’s a perfect opportunity to check out a show that’s steeped in tradition while promising a glimpse of the future. The Chicago Auto Show has been around since 1901, with this year marking their 115th exposition. During that time, the show has been host to plenty of momentous moments in automotive history, including the debuts of famous concepts like the Lincoln Futura, the Ford Explorer SUV, and the Dodge Viper. And there won’t be any shortage of stunners this year, either. With the age of electrification upon us, more and more automakers are rolling out EV versions of popular models, making for an exciting, future-forward exhibition.  

2021 Chicago Auto Show was placed outdoors at McCormick Place. (Sun-Times)

Maybe the spate of show cancellations during the pandemic just made us forget how many EVs were ready to hit the market – or maybe it gave automakers more time to perfect new technology. But either way, it certainly feels as though EVs are stealing the show in Chicago right now, with electrified versions of the Chevy Silverado and the Ford F-150 both taking the stage. The Ford F-150 Lightning has been getting a truckload of buzz ever since President Biden’s viral test drive of the car last spring, but the Silverado is still a conversation starter in its own right, boasting a 400-mile range and 660 horsepower.  

Crowds gather around classic Corvette on display. (Shutterstock) 

Other cars on display this week are offering just as much power and performance, but in more traditional forms. The ever-popular Jeep Grand Cherokee has debuted a new “Black Package” for those who want a stylish, glossy black trim, while the smash hit Ford Bronco introduced an “Everglades” edition with mud-terrain tires and improved fording capabilities. They might not be as eco-friendly as their new competitors, but they’re dressed to impress and ready for anything. Looking for something even more over-the-top? Visitors won’t want to miss Toyota’s Tacoma Tacozilla Camper, a modern-day spin on the iconic Chinook camper of the ‘70s.  

Can we talk about this cool set up? Jeep shows out at the Chicago Auto Show. (Shutterstock) 

After the event was shortened to only five days last year, this year’s Chicago Auto Show is set to see an explosion of new visitors, with nearly 30 brands participating. It’s safe to say that any car fan can find something to like in this lineup, while also seeing new takes on some old favorites. 




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