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Tesla Owner Blew Up His Tesla Instead of Paying for Repairs

Have you gotten a repair bill that made you want to get rid of your car?
By Audrey Davis
January 06 2022

We’ve all been there, and it’s especially bad with luxury cars that require more than just your standard inspection. Take Tesla for example: while you don’t have to worry about oil changes or engine tune-ups, you might find yourself struggling to replace parts that have to be ordered from the manufacturer. So while the average annual cost of Tesla maintenance is actually much lower than that of comparable luxury cars, if something major goes wrong, you could find yourself in a serious money hole.  

That’s what happened to Finnish Tesla owner Tuomas Katainen, who decided he was over the EV hype after getting saddled with a $22,000 bill to replace his car’s battery. Obviously, the battery is the most important part of an electric car, so it makes sense that this would be a costly repair – but what makes less sense is the car’s relatively quick breakdown. Katainen claims he bought his Tesla in 2013, but started noticing problems when the mileage was still under 1000. More recently, Katainen had the car in the shop for a month before his mechanic recommended replacing the whole battery cell, hence the hefty price tag.  

In order to achieve full catharsis of his anti-Tesla anger, Katainen decided to blow up his car with 66 lbs. of dynamite and the help of a few professionals. The viral clip of the epic explosion was posted on the Pommijätkät YouTube channel, which specializes in anything that goes boom. But don’t worry, no vloggers were harmed in the making of this video – the explosion took place in an empty quarry two hours outside of Helsinki, so there’s no chance that flying Tesla debris could hit any passersby.  

So, how common is this type of battery failure on a Tesla? Definitely not unheard of. But the majority of battery replacements on these cars are done under warranty, so owners aren’t making a big stink about it. However, if you do need to replace your Tesla battery after the warranty is up, Katainen’s quoted cost of just over $22,000 is the standard amount you’ll need to pay. Is there any hope for aspiring owners of the hottest EV on the market?  

Turns out, yes. Last fall, YouTuber Tyler Hoover got the same quote for a battery replacement on his Tesla, and after attracting the attention of fellow vlogger Rich Rebuilds, he was able to get the repair done for 75% less (about $5000, compared to almost $23,000). So if you’re interested in buying a Tesla, just know that blowing it up with dynamite is not your only repair option, even though it’s definitely the most fun.  

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