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The Classic Camero On Elms Street Is No Longer For Sale Because I Bought It

For the past six years there's been a 1988 Camero for sale. Elms St. is about three blocks away from me so I drive past this car every single day. I had to know why it was still there.
I pulled up to the house and saw an older woman plucking weeds in the front yard. She appeared soft and was very welcoming. I asked about the car and why it was just sitting outside. Gertrude said, she bought the car right after her kids took off for college. That was about twenty years ago now.
She got a little older and stopped driving altogether. So the car just sits outside because she doesn't have room in her garage to store it. I asked it if was for sale and oddly enough it was. She showed me a little for sale sign she had tucked away in the window. You could barely see it because it was masked by dirt.
I made her an offer for the car. It was one I knew she wouldn't refuse. I was right. She didn't refuse it, but she offered a lower price. She basically just wanted the car gone.
She complained it made her house look cheap from the outside. I did her a favor and gladly took it off her hands.
“That was about twenty years ago now.”


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