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Bears vs Lions: Who Has the Better Cars?

The annual NFL Thanksgiving Day matchup hits the road.

Leo Shvedsky
November 24 2021

Can you predict the outcome of an NFL game by looking at the cars on each side of the scrimmage line and say that more horsepower equals more completions? Just like that octopus that predicts World Cup winners, we’re going to give it a shot. 

This Thanksgiving the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions will once again continue their tradition of playing one another on turkey day – in 2021 that means a 9:30 AM Pacific time start on your local FOX affiliate. The Lions will attempt to bring the record closer to even – it’s currently 37-42-2 for the Bears since the teams started playing in 1934. This isn’t a sports site, we’re not really qualified to say which team we think will win based on actual football stats, but we are qualified to see which team has the better cars. If the Bears’ and Lions’ player parking lots faced up against each other, here’s who we think would come out on top. 

C:\Users\Hi It's Me Stan\Downloads\shutterstock_1213331347.jpg
An approximation of Jered Goff’s Audi R8. Shutterstock

First up is Jared Goff, Detroit’s starting quarterback, and his 2018 Audi R8. Goff actually has a collection reportedly worth $1.3 million (in 2018 – it's no doubt gone up since then), but the R8 caught our eye because it’s such a great auto avatar for Goff. The R8 is known for both its speed and comfort. That matches the speediness with which Goff will pass and rush the ball with no stress. This may turn the game into a comfy win for the Lions.  

 Mack with his Wraith.

On the other side of the line coming after Goff would have been the Bears’ Khalil Mack, the outside linebacker. The linebacker position carries a few responsibilities but the main one is sacking the QB. Khalil was recently named 43rd in the top 100 players ranked by other players in the NFL - but after undergoing season-ending foot surgery earlier this month, he won’t be on the field this Thanksgiving. He’s probably still driving though, and his car of choice seems to be a bespoke 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith. The Wraith is a symbol of status and comfort, and it’s no slouch in the speed department either with a 654hp V12. As is the issue with many Rolls-Royces though, it’s a tad heavy with a curb weight of over 5,000 pounds. 

One thing is for sure, whoever wins on the field, both of these world class athletes are already winners for getting to drive home after the game in these cars. Well, technically, the Bears will take the team bus to the airport, and then a private chartered plane back home, but then they’ll definitely be taking one of their cars. Unless they call an Uber.

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