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Can You Do Better Than theTUNDRA’s Ultimate Dream Garage?

Here's our favorite car for every class

Leo Shvedsky 
September 27 2021

One immutable fact, incontrovertible throughout the continuity of time and space, is that every car enthusiast has a dream garage - a stable of automobiles that exist purely for their enjoyment. It is curated by a passion that has been refined over many years like a cask of wine in a cold forgotten Burgundian cellar. It is something that is as unique to them as a snowflake in a blizzard.

In this dream, there is no want of money or space. No consideration for the practicalities of real life, like maintenance, fuel economy, or what our wives, husbands, and partners think about our spending habits. There is no need to worry about carbon emissions or anything like that. In this fantasy, we are free to pursue our wildest car fancies without remorse or repercussion. Welcome to theTUNDRA's dream garage.  

The everyday car: 

1995 Chrysler Town & Country: 

Even in this fantasy world we still need to go grocery shopping and take kids to soccer practice. So not every car can be the car we simply gawk at while taking deep, satisfying breaths. We’ll need a workhorse for our busy urban lives. For this, we have selected the 1995 Chrysler Town & Country. This combination of Soviet-like utilitarianism and good ol’ American design and extravagance – just look at that wood side-paneling – is absolute joy! Chef’s kiss! 

We didn’t choose this car because it has the best engine or because it has double automatically sliding doors or a little tv screen attached to the headrests. We chose it because we are nothing else if not classicists. And there is nothing that absolutely shrieks classic family wagon like this car. There is no one alive today that can look at this car and not say it’s owned by a family. That’s what we want here, and that’s what we’ll have.   

Luxury vehicle:

2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan: Shutterstock

For those evenings when we’re headed to the Met Gala or maybe just to the Cineplex at the strip mall we want to pull up in style. A style that tells people we’re rich, and that we are not down to earth. We’re low-earth orbit rich! For this, we will require a 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan, which will incidentally double as our pick for SUV/luxury family car. 

When your car is named after the world’s largest uncut diamond you know you’re fancy. This car has it all: fold-down seatback tray tables that have fold-out OLED screens behind them, a mini-fridge in the seat with two champagne glasses, and a mini-bar in the armrest with a crystal decanter and two whiskey glasses in case the champagne isn’t enough. As for ride quality… it’s a Rolls Royce, enough said.  

Pick-Up Truck: 

2007 Toyota Hilux:

When we’ve had enough of fast city living, and want to slow things down and go rugged we head to our 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. To get around our great territory which has a wide array of terrain types we will need the services of the venerable and frankly indestructible 2007 Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3.0l diesel.  

Far from the refinement of the Rolls or soothing suburban blandness of the Chrysler, this thing has an attitude all its own. The Hilux is legendarily resilient to any damage with non-scientific tests ranging from taking it up to the North Pole where temperatures can drop to -90F degrees at night to drowning it in the sea it always kept going without missing a beat. There’s nothing it can’t haul and there’s nothing it can’t withstand. Who needs an M1 Abrams tank when you have one of these in your garage?  

The roadster:

1996 Mazda Miata MX-5:

Sometimes we enthusiasts get an itch, an itch whose only cure is hitting the country back roads in a convertible roadster. With the serenity of the sun drenching our faces and the wind whipping through our hair we feel almost as though we are floating above it all, but the noise of the engine and feel of the road right beneath our butts keeps us tethered to the here and now. Nirvana is just a few miles away.  

The 1996 Mazda Miata MX-5, in red of course, is the iconic roadster and mid-life crisis icon for one and all and is a nice addition to our assemblage. 


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: Shutterstock

Regardless of what your niche brand of car enthusiasm is, be it classic restoration, 60s roadsters, or military vehicles, every gear head has a favorite supercar. Our favorite, and the ultimate addition to the collection, is the Ferrari f12berlinetta.  

This fiend was once reviewed as being “terrifying” to drive, which is exactly what you want from a car that costs nearly $730,000, you want it to also make you soil yourself. Plus, this gets to sit in our dream garage because it’s the last Ferrari to be designed in collaboration with legendary design firm Pininfarina. Sigh.  

So that’s it, well it’s not entirely it. We have about a dozen more cars and categories in mind, but we’re mindful of your time. We’d love to know which cars are in your garage!  



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