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Designer Garage: The Gorgeous Cars of House of Gucci

Stars Lady Gaga & Adam Driver share the screen with Lamborghini & Maseratis

Leo Shvedsky
November 23 2021

As fascinating as the behind-the-fabric story of the Gucci fashion family will be when House of Gucci hits theaters on November 24, starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver and directed by Ridley Scott, the movie also promises an excellent collection of cars and motorcycles screaming across the screen. Here's your guide to the cars of House of Gucci.

1971 Maserati Indy 

Maserati Indy tearing up the road. MGM

You can’t get much more midcentury Italian than a Maserati from the early 70’s. The elongated hood with sumptuous curves, the sharp rear fender overhang - chef’s kiss! It was named after the two Indy 500 victories that Maserati had up until that point. You can bet that a Gucci is driving this car to commit a nefarious act - or escape one that's already taken place. 

1986 Kawasaki Concours 

The Gucci crotch rocket. MGM

As motorcycles evolved to have different specialties in the 1980s – cruisers, sportbikes, off-road scramblers and motocross bikes – the sport-touring road bike did too. Kawasaki’s Concours let you ride across the European continent without feeling all beat up, while delivering a reliable, fuel-efficient ride. With House of Gucci set in the late 80s, whoever is riding this then-brand-new bike would have been a trendsetter at the time.   

Lincoln Continental 

The classic’s classic. MGM

Lincoln discontinued the original Continental name in 2002 before bringing back in 2017, only to discontinue it again in 2020. Before its slow and ignominious demise, the car enjoyed more than half a century as the premiere transport of the wealthy and powerful. The film looks like it’s using an early 70s version, when the car would have been at its luxurious peak – and just before Gucci jumped ship to partner with another American luxury car icon. 

Alfa Romeo 155 

Lagge e Ordine (Law & Order). MGM

Nothing says 1980s Italian justice like an Alfa Romeo dressed up in police stripes and colors. That said, the Alfa Romeo 155 that shows up in the trailer is just a little bit out of place. The model would become the workhorse of Alfa’s production line: from 1992 to 1998 nearly 200,000 units were produced and sold with a whole bunch of them dressed in various Italian law enforcement colors, but that wouldn’t happen for a few years after House of Gucci is supposed to take place. While this car might be driven by a time-traveler, it’s more likely that the movie’s producers were looking for a little piece of true Italiana, just like Gucci. 

1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition

The Lambo to end all Lambos. MGM

Finally, the pièce de résistance, the car that screams 80s supercar like no other ever could, the Lamborghini Countach. It wouldn’t be a movie about 80s excess without a Lamborghini, and the 25th Anniversary Edition is the perfect one. In 2021 it’s tough to imagine any car maker producing one model for 25 years, especially technology- and performance-obsessed Lamborghini, but this version of the Countach celebrated just that. Featuring wings and strakes designed by future-supercar-manufacturer Horatio Pagani, it had the same 5.2 liter V12 engine as the previous LP5000 QV model. This car adorned the wall of every budding car enthusiast in the 80s and early 90s. It represented a sea change in car aesthetic, and ushered in an era when these kinds of cars became everyone’s dream car. Of course a Gucci would have to have one.

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