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From the Sky to the Street: Spider-Man’s Ultimate Dream Car

With great power, comes great responsibility

By Leo Shvedsky
January 17 2022
Spidey catching a ride. Shutterstock 

With great power, comes great responsibility, which is why audiences rarely see Peter Parker behind the wheel. While Spider-man is an absolute legend in the air, Marvel has notoriously painted Peter Parker as terrible driver in the movie series and comic book. His awkward teen disposition mixed with the nerves of driving typically equate to disastrous outcomes on the road. It makes his character even more lovable.  

Throughout the movie series audiences have instances where the web slinging superhero ditches the New York City subway system and finds himself behind the wheel creating havoc in the city himself. In other instances within the famous films writers give Peter the perfect vehicles to trudge through the city in true Peter Parker style: absolutely awkward and adorable.  

This article will explore the blockbuster films and comic book series to highlight the types of cars Peter Parker has had the pleasure of driving along with picks for wheels fit for the man behind the mask. 

The Tobey Maguire Series  

Spidey-ped. Sony Pictures Entertainment

Reality: Peter Parker, just an average kid from Queens is transformed into Spider-Man stays humble with his 1980’s Puch Maxi moped to deliver pizzas and stay in character as the sweet and care-free character audiences love. In this series, Peter Parker is finally on his own in the big city and doesn’t think twice about his budget-friendly ride. Sure, he could deliver pizzas in a more timely fashion swinging through the city from building to building, but even Spider-Man needs to stay grounded as just another kid trying to make it in the city.  

Dream car: If audiences had to decide, the infamous Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man would drive a vintage classic Ferrari 250 GTO 1962. The fire red, sleek design is one of the most famous classic cars in automotive history, a perfect pick for the heroic, one-of-a-kind hero who keeps the streets safe from villains looking to create chaos. Plus, this modernized classic is compact enough to zip through the traffic of New York City AND packs a mean punch reaching speeds up to 170 mph. 

Luxe Digital: Ferrari 250 GTO,   
The Andrew Garfield Series

 The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man series has the web sliger running away from toppled vehicles more than he is actually driving inside of one, but it isn’t hard to imagine what type of car his character would drive while chasing Lizard or Electro through the city.  

Dream car: For this series a classis Porsche 911 Turbo in a classic cherry red does the trick. For this Spider-Man, lovable as he is, the character Garfield plays is a bit more charismatic and flashy than some of the other web slingers in the Spider-Man multiverse. Reaching top-track speeds of 199 mph and coupled with dizzying 572 hp, Garfield’s character would be riding in style while keeping the citizens of the city safe. 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo 
The Tom Holland Series 

One of the best examples of Spidey’s misadventures on the road  is seen in Spider-man: Homecoming.  In the film, Spider-Man is in pursuit of notorious villain Vulture and steals his nemesis Flash Thompson’s Audi TTS Roadster. The result is Spider-Man becoming nothing short of a menace on the road. Writers throughout the Spider-Man series continued Holland’s character development with an absolute disaster of a driver’s ed test resulting in Peter Parker slamming the borrowed Audi A8  into trash cans during his nerve wracking test. 

New Audi A8 to Make Its Debut in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (Photo: Business Wire)  

Dream: Staying true to the film, even the most die hard Spider-Man fans will have no problem picturing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the marketing centerpiece behind the Homecoming films. The Audi A8 with 453 hp and reaching speeds up to 155 mph showcases the ability to serve its purpose of carting Spider-Man through his adventures while elevating his status to the likes of his mentor Tony Stark aka Iron Man.  

Sharp Magazine

The Comic Book Series 

Source: Marvel Fandom

The Spider Mobile in the Spider-Man comic book series served as one of the showcased vehicles driven by boy wonder. The Spider-Mobile featured in the 1970’s was developed by a fictional corporation Corona Motors, the same company responsible for creating the first non-polluting engine. Hesitant to drive the vehicle in true Spider-Man fashion, he ends up capturing Hammerhead’s thugs while also nearly destroying the vehicle before giving it back to Corona Motors with a sheepish thank you..   

Whether featured or fictional, the writers and audiences who know and love the Spider-Man series will likely never see the hero in a car more than swinging between buildings, but it is fun to imagine what New York CIty’s favorite hero might look like behind the wheel on a regular basis.  



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