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Gran Turismo 7 Will Definitely Get Your Oil Pumping 

This could be the best installment yet 

Leo Shvedsky
September 27 2021
For over twenty years the Gran Turismo video game has given gear heads the chance to experience some of their favorite cars in an environment every enthusiast dreams of – racing. But also outfitting, painting, and photographing. GT lets you do it all and from the comfort and non-bankrupting safety of your living room.

Digitized beauty: Polyphony Digital

The last installment Gran Turismo Sport released in 2017, despite facing criticism when it launched for not having a robust enough car line-up, ended up selling over eight million copies. Needless to say then that the much anticipated Gran Turismo 7 set to release on March 4, 2022, for the PlayStation 5 has a lot to live up to. 

Based on the new gameplay trailer released during the latest Sony PlayStation event we would say that this game is going to be a little ripper. Like a good ripper, not the Jack kind of ripper. 

The first thing you notice is that campaign mode is back, baby! The campaign mode was sorely missed in Sportand fans are chomping at the bit to embody the persona of their favorite racers. It’s something that die-hards had come to expect from the GT series. It’s now plain to see what the game developer Polyphony’s CEO Kozinori Yamauchi meant when he said that the game, “connects the past to the present and to the future.” 

Incidentally, we believe that the "future part" of Yamauchi's statement refers to the fact that you need a persistent internet connection to play the single-player campaign mode. Long gone are the days in which you could spend hours on a game while playing offline. That said, staying plugged into the internet opens all kinds of doors for innovation - things like photo mode and "the garage."

Oh, the garage. Collecting cars in this simulation is legitimately so much fun because it doesn’t seem like it’s just going to be a stock photo of a Porsche featured at the start of the trailer. The game would be using the new PlayStation system’s considerable processing power to render photorealistic details of the cars. That alone is something to look forward to.

Our hands are trembling: Shutterstock

And of course, the multiplayer perfected in Gran Turismo Sport will return in this game as well, although we don’t really have enough information on it as yet. And let’s not forget VR, which is honestly the way GT should be experienced. We’re not sure how supportive the game will be in terms of which cars are going to have that 180 view plane. But it’s the PS5 we’re talking about here. It’s probably going to get spicy! 

But the cars are why you came here, and the cars are what we’ll talk about. Of course, some of the cars featured in the trailer are old favorites like the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 917k, but there are newcomers like the Porsche Living Legend. That’s the car whose headlights you see lighting up right at the start. That was basically a concept car first revealed in 2019 and just gazing upon its splendor leaves us speechless.

Why do we love GT? Because not every car enthusiast can have a Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld-type collection worth upwards of a billion dollars. Most of us must live here in a reality where we can only have our dream garages in a virtual reality. Will GT7 be perfect? Probably not, it’s a video game. But will it get us that much closer to the sun? Almost definitely. 



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