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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For A Car Fan

Look no further for the best gifts to buy for the car lovers in your life

Audrey Davis
November 25 2021

First of all, no, there’s no need to spring for an actual car – and most gearheads would probably prefer to shop for their own anyway. Luckily there are plenty of other ways to spread holiday cheer to everyone from kids to car collectors, as long as you know where to look.  

Of course, products that tie in to certain luxury brands aren’t going to sell for cheap, so those of us with long lists of gift recipients might want to start (literally) small. Remember the thrill of racing Hot Wheels cars as a kid? Well, you still can, but there’s also something to be said for putting your entire collection together in a tasteful display. How else are visiting family members going to learn that you’re completely car-obsessed? Hot Wheels currently has a 50-car display case on sale for about 50 bucks, which also comes with a rare Mercedes-Benz 190E collector car, making the set an ideal automotive gift for both adults in need of wall décor and children with great organizational skills.

Speaking of staying organized, let’s not forget that quite a few luxury marques also dabble in making timepieces. And while you’re sure to break the bank with a watch from Maserati or Rolls Royce, many of Ferrari’s designs are surprisingly affordable, with prices starting at just $125 (they go up to nearly $3000, but hey, you don’t have to worry about that if you don’t want to). Unfortunately, these watches usually only come in men’s styles, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find distinctive, car-themed jewelry for women as well. CRASH Jewelry is a hand-crafted jewelry design brand that makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cuff links out of discarded luxury car parts, sourcing all of their scrap metal directly from a collision repair shop while carefully attempting to never scratch the factory paint.

And if you’re still searching for a flashy, car-related gift to impress the kid in your life, fear not, because we’ve found the nuclear option. The Little Car Company, already famous for its scale electric reproductions of classics like the Ferrari Testarossa, announced a limited-edition project this year that is sure to bring out any child’s inner super-spy: a $125,000 No Time To Die edition Aston Martin DB5, complete with working James Bond spy gadgets and a top speed of 45 mph. Right about now, you’re probably asking yourself if it’s worth it to buy a toy car that costs more than a real one, but let’s not forget that it’s only about 30% smaller than a regular DB5. It’ll be a tight squeeze, but to ensure a happy holiday for all, you might just want to snag one and drive it yourself.

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