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Streaming Now – Top 5 Car Shows You Should Watch

Watch them go!

By Leo Shvedsky
November 16 2021
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Everyone has their guilty pleasure tv show on their favorite streamer, some prefer reality shows where tawdry love affairs between impossibly good looking people are put on blast. Others like crime procedurals where the first person the cops suspect is never the actual killer. While others still like watching Guy Fieri run around getting BBQ sauce all over his face. For us, it’s got to be the car shows. Here are some of our favorites.  

5. Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip  

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Paul posing.

Paul Hollywood is best known as the solemn king of bread and stringent judge on the runaway hit show The Great British Bake Off. He parlayed the success of that show into another about his true passion – cars. According Hollywood, during the intro to the show, he fell in love with cars as a tiny lad and wanted to be a racing driver. It comes through on the show; he has a softer and more high-spirited presence. It’s always fun to watch a car lover enjoy cars as only a car lover can. Hollywood is reported to have sold a large portion of a collection of 53 cars and motorcycles in 2019.  

4. Formula 1: Drive To Survive 

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As with any multi-billion dollar sport, the world of Formula 1 racing one of high stakes and big personalities. See our piece on the current Hamilton/Verstappen rivalry. Drive To Survive reliably exemplifies those stakes by weaving the narrative that really matter in F1, the personal stories. In the same way that The Last Dance gave made cheer for Michael Jordan again, this show lets us view  events from inside the teams. It’s truly captivating. But, it’s not without controversy, apparently Max Verstappen refused to participate. 

3. Top Gear  

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The Stig! Shutterstock 

Some might argue that Top Gear just isn’t the same after the turbulent departure of the three musketeers, and that it isn’t worth a view. While there’s no denying that the faces have changed, we would respectfully disagree about it not being worth a view. The tone and tenor of series remains as fun and lighthearted as ever, and the new hosts are charming and having a good time with cars. Give it a chance, you might like it.  

2. West Coast Garage 

Pimp this! Courtesy of

In the early aughts, and very much to this day, you can say the words pimp my ride and it means something. It means insane mods to tiny Civic hatchbacks, and changing the ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. Car modifications and low riding are still a mainstay in certain corners of the car world. West Coast Garage may not be the OG in car modifying, but it’s earned its place as a world leader.  

1. Grand Tour 

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Three imperfect legends. Shutterstock 

We’d be lying if we said the original car enthusiast trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond didn’t have pretty much everything to do with turning us onto cars. We understand that they are somewhat controversial, but in our humble opinion no one better exemplifies just how fun both uber expensive supercars and beaten down junkers can be than these three. Whether you’re a new car lover or a veteran of car shows, this show is worth a look.  

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