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The Spectacular Off-road Camping Trailer You’ll Want to Live In

SoCal-based Polydrops creates the ultimate dream machine.

By Michael Dawson
November 09 2021
Polydrops P17 Explorer: Where the road meets the land                                        Source: Polydrops 

The Coronavirus pandemic has kept everyone indoors for well over a year now, meaning that people are just about ready to go outside again. And what better way to celebrate that newfound freedom than by camping – but in a car that facilitates driving to work as well as providing a great lodging option for spontaneous, on-the-road-and-off excursions? 

If the thought of combining in a single vehicle everyday driving functionality with lodging capability including sleeping accommodations, electrical outlets, dining facility, bathroom, and more, the Polydrops P17X Explorer is next on your big-ticket list – its trailer camper integrating the best of outdoor accessibility with indoor livability, a safe housing structure you can travel with sans the cumbersome weight and logistics of an RV camper.  

Polydrops P17X EXPLORER All-Electric Travel Trailer
Outdoor living redefined: Polydrops P17X Explorer                                                Source: Polydrops 

Designed by SoCal-based Polydrops, the P17X Explorer cabin is built for off-road camping, constructed with 8.7” of thick insulation for harsh temperatures, along with built-in A/C units and heaters, Bluetooth speakers, Gullwing Doors and110V electrical outlets using solar energy -- all facilitated using a single Control Panel for easy accessibility.  

Polydrops P17X EXPLORER All-Electric Travel Trailer
Polydrops Chef’s Kitchen                                                                                           Source: Polydrops 


Polydrops Chef’s Kitchen                                                                                           Source: Polydrops 

The P17X’s manageable size holds an entire home kitchen, outfitted with a fridge/freezer combo, conduction stove, large sink, trash storage, and a pull-out dining table. The exterior infrastructure doesn’t disappoint either: the P17x cabin has 29” all-terrain tires designed to handle off-road conditions; there’s even body armor to prevent minor damage on the hull.  

And that’s not all.  Enter the Polydrops outdoor shower that acts like a 5-star Spa (well, we think so), featuring shower system mounted on an awning that does double-duty for daytime outdoor living.  

Polydrops P17X EXPLORER All-Electric Travel Trailer
Get wet in the wild with Polydrops P17X Shower                                                     Source: Polydrops 
All for the starting price tag of $34,990, on top of any additional upgrades one can order to their preferences. 

The only question left to answer:  Why (the hell) not? 

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