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The World Is Now Salivating For The 2021 Ford Bronco

This might be the most highly anticipated vehicle ever

Leo Shvedsky
September 08 2021
The legendary SUV Ford Bronco 302: Shutterstock

A revival of the Ford Bronco was always going to be an event that would send shockwaves through the car world, and sure as sun, there was quite a bit of buzz when Ford announced in 2017 that they were reviving the OG tough, independent man-guy SUV brand. After all, it had been long enough since the darkness of that fateful day when the slowest 
Fast &Furious chase ever starring the Bronco was etched with an icepick into many of our memories. A whole new generation is now getting into cars and has no memory of OJ Simpson or the fact that, by the end of its run, Ford couldn’t trade a Bronco for a box of donuts. 

Yep, this was to be a fresh start and it wasn’t like the target demo was going to be loner Texas Rangers who wanted justice for the death of their partners or local grocers, no; the new Bronco would compete with the Jeep Wrangler for that “Jeep women” slice of the economy, and folks that come from households with incomes over $115k. Yessir, this wasn’t to be your Spike-TV watching Monster energy drink gulping grandpa’s Bronco. It was a new Bronco for a new age - an age that was to begin in March of 2020, heralding an era of great profits and cultural awesomeness for Ford that was not heretofore known or conceived!  

The hype train was chugging, but thanks to a series of unforeseen events pushing back its release and halting production, the 2021 Ford Bronco might have shifted from “highly anticipated vehicle” to “most anticipated vehicle of our lifetimes”.

It’s angry...: Shutterstock

Here’s what happened: March 2020 came, and unless you’ve been in a coma and woke up to a 28 Days Later scenario with Covid you know that March 2020 was no time to be doing anything. Undeterred, Ford dealerships began to take orders. Eventually the waiting list became so large that the car was “sold out” for two years.

A beautiful, bucking Bronco: Consumer Reports

And then on top of that… yes… it’s your favorite unforeseen yet ubiquitous effect of the pandemic – the chip shortage. Recently Ford had to halt production of the car due to the semi-conductor shortage, which, itself stems from chip factories in Asia having to shut down because of the you-know-what.  

The result: Many people won’t get their Bronco until 2022. It sucks, but this is also the type of buildup they’d use for a WWE storyline. We half expect the Ford Bronco to show up January 1st by bursting through the wall wearing skintight trunks and a championship belt. Our hands are shaking. 

Was this delay part of Ford’s plan all along? Did Ford purposely attempt to relaunch this brand during a pandemic, only to build insatiable anticipation? Probably not. But sometimes life has a way of making you hungry for something for so long that you start drooling at the mouth for it.



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