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When automakers unleash their designers, dream cars get real.

By Leo Shvedsky
March 09 2022
Dreamers dreaming. (Shutterstock)

One of the coolest things about being into cars is seeing automakers introduce us to some of their engineering and design teams’ wildest dreams. Nonproduction cars are so cool — we just had to do a list of our favorites.


AVTR Art. (Mercedes-Benz)

This car is absolutely wild, like a production design prop car from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. In fact, Mercedes-Benz has said that the design was inspired by “Avatar.” In the movie, humans can control alien avatars with their minds, and Mercedes has said that this car can be controlled with thoughts! Imagine that. We’re so excited for when people can honk at you just by frowning. Good times to come.

United Nude Lo Res

Naked design. (Bring-a-Trailer)

All concept cars are meant to evoke futuristic vibes by design, but the Lo Res by United Nude is something altogether otherworldly. It looks like something aliens designed as a scout ship. Its geometric clarity is almost elemental. The coolest thing about this is, however, it’s not just an exercise in disruptive design. Its two seats and 5 kW motor can take you where you need to go, if somewhat slowly. Sadly, it’s not street legal, which is definitely uncool. We will be lobbying Congress for this to change.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

This car is a yacht. (Mercedes-Benz)

Maybach has recently found an incredible niche in the car world as a subbrand of Mercedes-Benz, which releases modded-out versions of its vehicles using the moniker. Now it has created the Vision 6. Unlike other concept cars, though, you will actually be able to buy this machine— if you have the green.

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Check out the spaceship-like interior. (Motor1)

BMW Vision M

A vision of the future. (BMW)

BMW is taking its famed M series and giving it a more futuristic feel. The angular design is meant to evoke the soul of the M1, and it looks spectacular. But the interior is really where the future comes into play. BMW calls its futuristic interior the Boost Pod. It’s got a heads-up display, memory-foam seats and gyroscopic cupholders. The future sounds very comfortable.

Your ride is here. (Rolls-Royce Motorcars)

We would almost hesitate to call this car a car. It’s more like an idea in the shape and with the moving parts of a car. This Rolls doesn’t have a steering wheel or a driver’s seat, just a couch and a giant screen. It’s more like an autonomous royal carriage than anything else. It’s simply amazing.

328 BMW Homage

Homage to a better time. (BMW)

Have you ever wanted to own an early 20th century roadster/race car, but with modern materials and performance? Well, the BMW 328 Homage concept car has you covered. This car takes the design from the original 328 Touring Coupe and gives it a 21st century makeover with a carbon fiber body and a 3.0 liter straight six that can churn out 340 horsepower when turbocharged. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.  

Audi Sky Sphere

A diamond in the sky. (Audi)

The Sky Sphere concept is closest thing that a car can come to being an actual transformer. With the push of a button this car can silently and smoothly extend or contract. This idea of being able to lower a car’s profile and extend its hood has been a talked about in the car enthusiast world forever. Audi has finally made it a reality

Somewhere beyond the sea. (

The original Bugatti Atlantic is so rare and beautiful that it is spoken of in hushed tones. It’s so unattainable that not even megacollector Jay Leno has one. Bugatti’s intended revival of the Atlantic unfortunately only went as far this concept model. It’s a shame to have been deprived of this automotive masterpiece.

Lamborghini V12 Vision GT

We want this now! (Lamborghini)

The 14-year-old enthusiast in us is absolutely buzzing at the thought of this car. It’s a Lamborghini that looks like a star fighter from “Star Wars,” but with a V12 hybrid powertrain from the Sian. This thing is the absolute dream for supercar lovers, emphasis on the word “dream.” The only way to drive it is in the video game “Gran Turismo Sport.”​

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