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Cadillac’s New Hypercar Is Basically The Batmobile 

Le Mans is about to be nicknamed Gotham City

Michael Dawson
August 27 2021

Le Mans, the 24-hour endurance racing event held every year in the appropriately named city of Le Mans, France, is both famous and infamous for several reasons. It’s infamous for its grueling nature and high-risk stakes. If you've ever seen it in action, (or have even seen the film Ford v. Ferrari,) you'll know that sometimes some crashing happens at the event...which can get pretty deadly, like when 83 people were horrifically killed in 1955's race. 

But the race is also world-renowned for its prestige, it’s level of difficulty, and maybe, most importantly, its ability to be a showcase for the future of automotive engineering. With that being said, there’s major excitement in store for the upcoming Le Man’s race scheduled in 2023, as there is an entirely new and incredible LMDh hypercar for carmakers to compete in. Allow us to direct your attention to Cadillac’s new hypercar, the LMDh-V.R.

LMDh - V.R: Cadillac 

GM has partnered up with both Action Express Racing and Chip Ganassi Racing to deliver a monster of a machine, which boasts a pretty damn impressive hybrid system that will become the standard-bearer for every new LMDh hypercar debuted at Le Mans. There are a few restrictions to keep in mind with the new LMDh category, as each car has to weigh about 2,271 pounds minimum and no car can go above 760 horsepower in raw output.

The design of this car is just absolutely bonkers, sporting a sleek black and edgy chassis with modern curves and angles jutting out at its corners, looking very reminiscent of Bruce Wayne’s iconic vehicle, the Batmobile.

So far the car has won four times at Daytona's own 24 hour endurance race, so it has gotten quite a bit of attention. Cadillac also plans to run it in various other racing competitions, like Daytona again in 2023, along with WEC, IMSA, and Le Mans itself in the same year.

The stand-out feature might just be the chassis which, while basically restricted to just four chassis builders, has bodywork that is allowed to be fully modified to the makers' hearts' content. That means that we’re bound to see some pretty interesting designs that fully utilize the imagination and talent that each car-making company is known for. Here’s a look at the Cadillac DPi – V.R just for comparison sake:

Chip Ganassi Racing Cadillac DPi – V.R: Motor Authority

The LMDh-V.R will doubtlessly see quick success, especially considering Cadillac, Action Express, and Chip Ganassi’s impressive track record. There’s no telling what will go down in 2023’s Le Mans competition, but it seems the only thing that could stop Cadillac’s Batmobile-look-alike from stealing the show is some costumed villainy of epic proportions.



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