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F1, Chevy, Porsche & Lamborghini – This Week’s HOT Announcements

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Andrew Goetz
July 29 2022

HITTING THE BRAKES: F1’s Sebastian Vettel Retiring End of 2022 Season

Sebastian Vettel (L) & Mick Schumacher (R) at Silverstone 2022 British Grand Prix (A. Goetz) 

It’s official: Formula 1 is losing another icon. Sebastian Vettel, a four-time world champion, is out of contract with the Aston Martin Racing team this year and deciding not to renew his contract. Fans have long-awaited the news of whether or not he would renew, and now their fears have been realized.

Vettel recently launched an Instagram account for the first time where he made the announcement, a first for him after largely staying away from social media despite its growing presence and prominence within F1. Vettel joined Aston Martin in 2021 after spending years racing for Ferrari beginning in 2015. Before that, he raced for Red Bull from 2010 to 2013, where he secured four consecutive world championship titles. Given his stunning and lengthy record, he tied with Alain Prost for being the fourth-most successful Formula 1 driver in history. For the Aston Martin Racing team, questions are being raised as to who will replace Vettel as fans speculate trades between the teams for talent – questions that remain unanswered at this time. This much we do know: Vettel is highly respected among fans and will be missed by many. Stay tuned for more F1 and Team Aston Martin updates. 

CHEVY’S GETTIN’ HEAVY: All-new 2023 Colorado Midsize Pickup Revealed  

ZR2 trim of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado gears up for success (Chevrolet) 
Announced yesterday: the Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup truck is entering its third generation with a slew of changes from top to bottom. In its second generation and present form, the Colorado has been around since the 2015 model year and has long struggled to compete with midsize competitors, most notably the Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator, as well as the Ford Ranger, and Honda Ridgeline.  

This time, Chevy is going all-in with new everything. The exterior is wider for a beefier, tougher look, and critics are already praising the new design. The interior, a complaint of previous Colorado(s), is completely redesigned from the ground up, and the truck rides on an all-new body and frame. Gone are the V6 and Duramax diesel options and in their place is a new 2.7-liter four-banger from the Silverado. Power ranges from 231 to 310 ponies with 430 lb-ft on tap. What’s more is that the Colorado now comes solely in a four-door crew cab configuration, as well as a new “Trail Boss” trim for those who don’t want to fork up the cash for the expensive “ZR2” trim, the best of the five available trims: Work Truck, LT, Z71, Trail Boss, and ZR2. The new Colorado is surely building up hype before it’s set to roll off production lines in Missouri within the first half of 2023. Check back for potential updates on the Colorado’s sibling, the GMC Canyon. 

ROCKET SCIENCE: Porsche to Release Next 911 GT3 RS 

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Prototype caught testing on notorious Nürburgring Nordschliefe racetrack (Porsche) 
The automotive Einsteins in Stuttgart, Germany are set to release their newest creation, poised to be the next hottest thing out of Germany. Taking the crown atop the latest 992-generation Porsche 911 lineup is the GT3 RS, set to make its official debut on August 17. Porsche is once again seeking to break their own track time records to ensure Nürburgring domination with their latest 911. What’s expected is a gigantic jump in performance over the already-insane 911 GT3, with changes such as beefier rubber to keep the car from rocketing into space, stiffer suspension, a massive rear wing, improved and race-derived aerodynamics much like those seen on the 911 RSR, and a high-revving flat-six producing well-over the 520 horses it produces in the GT3.  

It’s been proven that the latest 992-generation 911 has seen astronomical success, with Porsche kicking production into overdrive to meet ever-growing demand as they release more and more trims, with the latest being the Carrera GTS. Per the Porsche Director of the GT Model Line, Andreas Preuninger, the team tasked with bringing this beast to life is prioritizing function over form: “we focused primarily on aerodynamics and chassis questions in the development of the new 911 GT3 RS” (Preuninger). Porsche plans to emphasize their “track-toy” approach to the new GT3RS, stressing that it will present a huge jump in performance over the previous 991-generation GT3RS. Porsche enthusiasts and gearheads everywhere are gearing up for this long-anticipated release. Get ready for a wild ride. 

BULL MEETS DIRT: Newest Lambo Huracan Sterrato Goes OFF-ROAD 

Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato hitting the dirt in testing (Lamborghini) 
First introduced as a wild concept back in 2019, the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato is set to enter production as one of the wildest things to leave Lamborghini’s factory in years. Doubts were instantly raised as to Sterrato going into production after the concept’s release, but Lamborghini is here to prove everyone wrong. Speculation started to grow, however, when Lamborghini announced its plans to release two Huracán models in 2022 at the beginning of this year, with the first of the two being the Tecnica. 

Released back in 2014 at the world-famous Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini made it clear they are not giving up on this aging platform just yet, as it continues to be a huge seller despite its nearly eight years of presence on the road. Pictured above, this rally monster is seen with rally lights up front, a lifted suspension, plastic body cladding, beefier tires, as well as a roof rack. What’s also expected is the same powerful 5.2 liter screaming V10 found in every other Huracán that never disappoints. Check out Lamborghini’s release video for the Sterrato to watch it tear up some asphalt and dirt roads and stay tuned for more updates before the Sterrato’s expected arrival later this year. 

That’s it for this week. This is 100% an unprecedented time in the auto industry, which equates to a great time for auto enthusiasts. Summer 2022 has seen incredible auto news thus far and more is yet to come: radical releases, epic racing, business battles, you name it. Check the A-list every Thursday for everything you need to know about the auto industry, racing, and beyond, right here where the enthusiasts explore: theTUNDRA. 



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