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Fave Auto Makers & Lux Brand Partners: Look = Feel

Don’t drive your favorite car – wear it

Audrey Davis
June 09 2022

High-end collaborations connecting automobiles with other blue-chip brands and industries isn’t new -- watchmakers have been collaborating with auto brands for years, since the days when an accurate watch was a genuine requirement for keeping time during a race. But more recently, that association has given rise to a huge selection of timepieces made in collaboration with racing teams and luxury marques.

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Richard Mille x Ferrari ( ) 

Although Porsche Design’s iconic Chronograph I is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, luxury fans also might be inclined to spring for a watch connected to an ultra-high-end brand like Ferrari – and if so, you’re in luck. Ferrari would actually much rather have you buy their merch than their cars, with almost half of their annual profits coming from that side of the business.  

PUMA Announces New PUMA x Scuderia Ferrari Collaboration
Puma X Scuderia x Ferrari ( 

And it makes sense when you see some of the partnerships they’ve lined up, from Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille to sneaker favorite Puma, which offers options that range from a racing-inspired mid cut to a trendier sock-style design.  

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High-end watch brands like Richard Mille are often linked to motorsports (DeKairos/Facebook) 
Other exclusive automakers getting into the fashion game include Bugatti, who recently announced a plan to join forces with sports apparel brand UYN, and Lamborghini, which debuted an exclusive collection with skater-chic icon Supreme in spring of 2020. It seems like a natural fit for Ferrari’s chief rival, since Lamborghini is growing increasingly popular with the young influencer crowd that Ferrari actively turns away. At least some carmakers understand the important role that fashion can play when drawing in a newer, younger clientele. 

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Supreme x Lamborghini (  

Then again, there are always going to be collaborations that feel like they’re coming out of left field, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile. Porsche Design makes a Bluetooth speaker out of a 911 exhaust pipe, while Mercedes has decided to try moving past the physical marketplace entirely. The Mercedes-AMG F1 team recently announced a series of NFT drops, including artistic interpretations of tickets to this season’s races. 

This Porsche Design speaker is built from a 911 GT3 tailpipe (Porsche Canada/Twitter) 

All of this means there are more ways than ever before to engage with your favorite brands, whether you’re wearing them on your wrist or adding to the blockchain. Either way, it’s pretty clear that while not everyone can drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bugatti, we can aspire to while we’re sporting their logo in a variety of ways that are a sophisticated blend of form and function.  

Isn’t that why we love cars to begin with?  

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TAG HEUER x Grand Prix Monaco Historique Limited Edition ( 



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