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Ferrari & Schedoni Luggage: 45-year Partnership Rooted in Lux

Nothing spells elegance like a splash of leather

By Audrey Davis
June 13 2022
Perfection rooted in the past while serving the now ( 

Leather interior is pretty much a no-brainer if you’re buying a high-end vehicle. But what about those amazing ancillary leather products that hold the discreet but oh so rich power to complement the driving experience before entering the car? Think about it: the term ‘trunk” originally referred to exactly that: luggage in the back of the car, usually a leather-bound trunk or suitcase -- a common sight on vintage rides of the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Today, our cars are made with ample space to store, well, all our stuff, but few vehicles can match the class and sophistication of those Depression-era gems. However, if you’re the type of driver who appreciates a backseat accessory, there are still places where you can find that one-of-a-kind accessory capable of making all the difference. 

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Schedoni x Ferrari – what more does one need? (LOULAVIE.COM) 
Schedoni, the luxury Italian leather goods company based in the northern Province of Modena,  the heart the exotic supercar culture for which Italy is renown, was founded in 1880 by shoemaker Celso Schedoni. However, the company’s most profound claim to fame came almost a century later, when a Ferrari-owning relative asked the company to make him a set of custom luggage for his 308 GTB. It was the beginning of a fruitful partnership between two of the world’s most enviable brands, resulting in a deeply rooted love affair that has lasted since it began in 1977. 


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45-year partnership of customization that accommodates and complements (FERRRARICHAT) 

Today Schedoni remains the gold standard of their industry, serving as the official leather goods supplier of just about every major supercar manufacturer. Company president Simone Schedoni attributes that success to Schedoni’s proud history of family ownership, ensuring that the quality of their craftsmanship hasn’t waned over time. And this long-term dedication has also allowed Schedoni to expand the scope of their business, making everything from camera bags to a Puma by Schedoni sneaker collection.  

Pick your poison (Schedoni/Facebook)  

But ultimately, the magic of Schedoni lies in their deep Italian roots, reflected particularly well in its 45-year partnership with Ferrari. The decades-old relationship between the two companies was born out of a shared commitment to excellence as well as the practical concern that supercars don’t have much space for schlepping cargo (nice word for stuff). But Schedoni doesn’t just supply luggage for the Scuderia: for the past 40 years the manufacturer has been working closely with the Ferrari F1 team, trimming suede leather seats customized for each driver. No wonder Charles LeClerc has been so comfortable behind the wheel this season -- who wouldn’t want to sit inside that love? 

The prestige of Schedoni products means that auctioneers like Bonham’s and Bring a Trailer are selling their pieces for big bucks, which, for a real supercar connoisseur, is a small price to pay, regardless of cost. And don’t take our word for it: even Pope John Paul II had a special suitcase commissioned from Schedoni to transport chalices used for Mass. For some, only the absolute best will do.  

Afterall, exploring one’s passion for Autos is a religion. Everyone knows that. 



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