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Ferrari x Montblanc Legendary Brands Partner: Lux In-hand

Driving instruments redefined

By Michael Dawson
November 01 2021

The iconic & curvaceous Ferrari 500 F2 

It’s undisputed: Montblanc is the visionary Ferrari of fountain pens, with supercharged craftsmanship that merits a brand-product collaboration with the prestigious sports car manufacturer.  Meet The Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Collection, featuring the sleek and sensuous look, feel and performance for which both brands are renowned.  

Montblanc, the company behind the pens of the same name, has announced this stunningly beautiful collection of fountain pens in honor of Enzo Ferrari, the celebrated inventor-designer who founded Ferrari, creator and manufacturer of the beautiful – and fast – race cars for which the company is renowned. The pens are part of the Montblanc’s Great Characters Edition Collection, with a series of writing instruments designed after innovative product lines created by iconic designers including Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Andy Warhol. 

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Special Edition Fountain Pen M 

Enzo Ferrari is no random person to slap on a pen either. Having a lifelong passion for auto racing, Ferrari launched the company’s first line of race cars in 1947, with the goal of producing beautifully designed sports cars unlike any the world had seen before that time. Today Ferrari is a household name -- the brand itself has become a kind of synecdoche for excellence, much like Einstein or Mozart to genius.  

Ferrari’s brand prestige translates quite beautifully to the equally legendary Montblanc pens, often in tandem with sports cars. Inspired by Ferrari’s elegant silhouette, color scheme and interiors, and combined with Montblanc’s industry recognized design elements, each pen in the collection has curves the Monaco Grand Prix would envy and enthusiasts of any genre would want to get behind and drive – on paper and/or on the road.   

The Montblanc x Ferrari collection features three distinct writing instruments, each incorporating the same chic cherry red as the iconic Ferrari cars and silver highlights designed to project Ferrari’s grill vibe, with a price tag ranging from $1,135 to a whopping $3,605 – like everything else, you can’t underpay for excellence.  

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898 Rollerball Pen 

With international prestige going all the way back to 1906, the German company Montblanc has established itself as a leader in watches and jewelry, with writing instruments being their most celebrated product line, as recognized for its great design as for the well-known cultural figures who have used Montblanc pens, including Barack Obama and Ernest Hemingway, and for good reason – each pen is either hand-crafted to customer spec and/or designed as part of a collector’s series at the manufacturer’s headquarters factory in Hamburg, Germany.  


Now that we’ve sold you on this great collection, good luck getting yours – based on our most recent glance, the collection appears to be (temporarily) sold-out.

Like all forms of greatest – you can’t keep a good thing down! 



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